Saturday, 24 May 2014

The New Look of the Future...

With hype for X-Men: Days of Future Past higher than ever before what with all the rave reviews it's been getting, I thought it was time for yet another change of look for the blog. I went for the movie yesterday & you can check out my review for the film out here.

Here's the image I made for the blog banner- just something quick I put together now. You can download it below in HQ resolution (1500 x 938).

For the background image I just had to use that wallpaper of Mystique, my fave character from the X-universe. So after some quick modifications I used this:

Hope you'll dig the new look, but more importantly, hope you'll enjoyed the film! And if you'll haven't gone to watch it at your nearest theater yet, what are you waiting for?! Well, unless it hasn't got released in your country yet which would be as lame as Professor X. (See what I did there...? :P )


  1. Still haven't seen the movie but that banner is dope Man!

    1. Thanks Maurice! I'm guessing you're waiting to watch the film first before reading my review...? :P


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