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44 Things To Learn From The Very First X-Men Movie

Hey X-nerds! So after a similar X-Men: First Class post that I did in what feels like eons ago (yes, yes, I know I haven't been posting at all lately lol), I decided to backtrack right to the film that started it all- X-Men from the year 2000!

Some of this stuff was tough for me to put down cos I admittedly don't practice quite a few of them :P . Anyways I do hope you'll enjoy the post & hope I don't sound like a preachy asshole here lol. [Note: The points are in order that I observed them in the movie. Images though are randomly placed where suitable.]

1) Give people a chance. Don't jump to conclusions about them.

2) "I'm looking for hope." No matter how grim the situation it's always good to see the ray of light a the end of the tunnel. (It's funny but watching this movie now almost makes it feel like this is now an Easter egg for Hope Summers lol!)

3) In case you do, you need to stop thinking you are better than others. There's always something you can learn from others. Yes, even if they can be as annoying as hell lol. Nobody on earth is superior than another. We're all created equal no matter the race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, etc.

4) "I know what you are..." No one knows what another person has gone through. What has been their life's journey that has made them the way they are today? Were they always this way? Is it any of our business to get personal with others just to make ourselves feel stronger & better about ourselves...?

5) "Get out of my bar, freak." Name-calling or labeling. Ugh.

6) It's best not to provoke others. You may not like what you find at the other side of it.

7) Remember kids, don't talk to strangers. Unless you're Rogue & the stranger in question is Wolverine.

8) Sometimes people may really need our help. They may not always ask for it but we can always offer it or recognize when they need it & go help them. After all, you'd like others to do the same for you if you were in need too. So show some compassion! :)

9) Judging others based on where they live, how they look or what they wear. Actually judging others. Period.

10) Even if it's people you dislike the most, you can find the humanity in others within their flaws, weaknesses & the difficulties & hardships they've had to go through or are still going through.

11) When driving, wear your seat-belt.

12) Everytime you fall- get up. Don't wallow in self-pity. So what- shit happens. Move on.

13) The scars that you receive from your bad experiences or past? Yeah, they won't stay forever. Just don't pay too much attention to them when they're fresh. Well, apply ointment- duh- but it's not like you can't go outside with them on you. Bigger deal you make of them, bigger deal others will make about them too.

14) Sometimes when no one you know is around, you'd have to rely on the kindness of strangers in your time of need. Don't feel backward in taking their help. You may get some new insight.

15) Don't hesitate to use your talents to help others.

16) Don't let the way others treat you make you turn yourself into something ugly with "anger & vengeful hate." Learn to let it slide. Most people aren't worth all your energy anyway. So don't channel your energy towards them. Just let go.

17) If we go trying to tear each other apart, "humanity's days will be over..."

18) Don't wage your own war against others. Find other ways to deal with things with a calm head. Also, learn to act on things, not react to things.

19) Shouldn't have pissed off Mystique when she was in school. Senator Kelly found out about that  the hard way.

20) Kids, don't forget your table manners. Toad just doesn't know any better.

21) Sometimes we need to control our tongues when they go wicked. Lots of stuff ends up getting spoken that you may have not even meant.

22) Don't be a "God-fearing" man. Be a "God-learning" man. "Bringer of Light, wisdom & understanding." #MagnetoWasRight

23) "Mankind has always feared what it doesn't understand."

24) You have to go through a whole lot of bad stuff to get to the good (or even great) stuff in your life. But this process is slow. VERY slow lol.

25) You'll truly know what others are going through only if you live in their shoes. Nobody's life is a bed of roses. And you're not a special case where all the world's problems converge.

26) Sometimes we inadvertently (or purposely) hurt others & then they hurt us back. And this tiresome game goes on where nobody is a winner.

27) Don't be naive & so quickly trusting of people- they may turn out to be a shapeshifter. :P #MystiqueAsIceman

28) Learn to exercise & hone your self-control & willpower more.

29) Curiosity killed the Wolverine. #SuperSonicCyclopsBike

30) Sorry seems to be the hardest word (if said sincerely), but it needs to be said sometimes. In this movie it's twice & a third time indirectly (in a sincere "me too").

31) You can't rely on the advice of others all the time. Sometimes "you should follow your instincts."

32) When you truly empathize with someone else's pain, it enables you to not only help them but for you to grow as a person as well.

33) At times words aren't even needed. All someone may need is a shoulder to cry on.

34) Don't take pleasure from other people's pain.

35) "Young people." LMAO! Yes Mags, we can be pretty foolish when we're young LOL!

36) "Still unwilling to make sacrifices. That's what makes you weak."

37) Sometimes you can't do it all alone. Team up! :D

38) In trying to hurt others, you inadvertently also end up hurting yourself.

39) Nobody wants to be alone.

40) Don't expect people who you don't get along with to change & become like you. It's the different personalities of people that make life more interesting.

41) Just be you & if people don't like it, well, then fuck them.

42) Sometimes you need to fight the battles within yourself on your own to come out of it a stronger person.

43) Learn to laugh at yourself. Face it- you've done & continue to do some pretty crazy & crappy stuff.

44) Enjoy the work you do. If not, then go for a job that you do enjoy.

I just realized this also happens to be my first post for 2014 LOL! Hope the year has been treating all you guys well so far & here's wishing you a great remaining year ahead! :D Feel free to post in the comments if there's something you took from the movie that you feel I haven't mentioned out here.

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