Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Marvel Heroes Bulletin 3 (& some Marvel Avengers Alliance)

Attention heroes & SHIELD agents! I'm back with loads of Marvel Heroes updates & a bit of Marvel Avengers Alliance as well, so read on...Also, MH fans can join the group we have going for our very own CBNAH MH guild here.

Marvel Heroes
Patch 2.02 is out & Gambit is in the house, mes amis!

Patch 2.02 Highlights (complete patch notes here)
-Gambit! You can now play as the Ragin' Cajun! With Gambit busy saving all the damsels in distress, Domino will now be in charge of selling Fortune cards at the hubs. Check out his trailer below:

-Minor changes to Scarlet Witch, Squirrel Girl & Thor.
-Once you reach L15 you'll now get free 250G as the reward (once per account, retroactive for existing players)!
-New Item Slot: Pets- Equip your favorite cosmetic pet or reusable holo vendor on your heroes!
-PVP Ring Upgrades- The Signets of Odin, Sif, Frigga & Fandral have been slightly buffed.
-More uniques to find, particularly for heroes with no unique in certain gear slots!

-Noir costume for Luke Cage now available in the in-game store for 950G.
-LOADS of improvements made to summoned allies.
-Work continues to optimize the currently laggy game performance. Additional details here.

-The Asgard event has been completed & the Bifrost Bridge has been unlocked, allowing you to head into Odin's Palace in Asgard. The palace is the new MH hub & it looks splendid.

-The appropriate rewards you were meant to get for participating in the Asgard event will be automatically delivered after the next patch at the most by early December.
-Once in the palace you first need to eliminate all the Dark Elves there & finally defeat Kurse.
-After that you unlock...

PVP: Fire & Ice
-This is now in open beta stage & will undergo about 6 weeks of fine tuning. Read up on the upcoming updates to PVP here & here.
-Check the 2.02 patch notes for to see the many changes that have already been implemented.
-If you haven't got a chance to check out PVP yet, you can watch the PVP livestream Gazillion held on Twitch recently.

Missions & zones
-They are working on a new target dummy in the Training Room to simulate stage 2 Doom (it will die & respawn so you can test your time to kill) & a target dummy that shoots a rifle at you to test your defensive abilities.
-The rock troll that Thor smashed at the start of The Dark World is coming soon!
-Working on a Doop level for X-Defense.

Pricing changes
The man himself, Gazillion CEO David Brevik, revealed some important pricing info:
-They are getting rid of the 1100G cost tier for heroes. All heroes at that tier currently will move to 900G. So Gambit costs 900G or 400 eternity splinters.
-They are also moving the 1450G hero level down to 1350G, resulting in 3 simple levels of 450, 900 and 1350G.
-There'll be a no-questions-asked price protection for anyone who bought the hero within the past week.

Various ETAs
*Kingpin terminal- early December
*Next Asgard chapter 10 (with Loki boss fight)- December
*Ms. Marvel DPS review- December 19 (All heroes are getting a DPS review in December)
*Expanded roles for vendors- December & January
*Captain America's rework- January
*Bronx Zoo- early 2014
*Raid zone- Q1 2014 release

Iridium Triple Boost Giveaway!
-Guys this DOES work, but I don't know for how much longer. Just follow the instructions in this link & voila! 3 units of Iridium boosts that can help you increase your active hero's chance of finding rare items, special items & XP by 50% for 2 hours each!

Marvel Avengers Alliance
Nothing much on this front except that the Unstoppable lockboxes for Juggernaut are on sale for 9 more days. I've bought 30 boxes for myself & got 2 more covers for him. 2 more left to get. :c

Anyways, that's all for now. MH fans watch out for my next post- LOADS of updates from Doomsaw himself (including an update on the Mac version)! So until then, keep things heroic!

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