Friday, 15 November 2013

Marvel Heroes Bulletin 2 (& some Marvel Avengers Alliance updates)

Attention heroes & SHIELD agents! I'm back with some Marvel Heroes AND Marvel Avengers Alliance news, so keep reading...Also, all you regular MH players out there can join my Marvel Heroes group here & join in our discussions!

Marvel Heroes
The first Asgard patch 2.0 is finally live in Marvel Heroes! Below I've mentioned the highlights from the patch notes, along with the highlights from the patch 2.01 notes. Check out the trailer for patch 2.0!

New Chapter 9: Norway

-Travel to the frozen Fjords of Norway and battle Frost Giants, Dark Elves and more.
-In a server-wide event of approximately 2 weeks, help Reed Richards learn how & why these other-worldly enemies are invading Earth by donating items that have been exposed to the Cosmic Cube's energy.
-Doing so will help unlock a brand new hub: Odin's Palace.
-Track the progress of this event & see what rank you stand at here (ranks are only of the top 500).
-Over the next 4 months, new areas of Asgard will become available, including a raid zone, PVP & Siege challenge.
^Now, once you defeat Doctor Doom, Chapter 9 opens up, taking you to Norway where you get to meet Dum Dum Dugan.

-Loki is now part of Marvel Heroes!
-Try & figure out why he is working with the heroes to defeat Doctor Doom.
-More Loki deats here & check out his trailer below:

Hero changes
-New starter hero lineup to choose from: Colossus, Human Torch, Hawkeye, Storm, Punisher, Luke Cage, Captain America, Black Widow & Black Panther.
-The hero stat page (Strength, Durability, etc.) now includes two extra points. These however, currently give very little return as a stat system revamp is planned in the future.
-Colossus Rework:
*Colossus is now fortified with 6 new powers including a new Ultimate ability (Heavy Metal), a new Signature Power (Colossal Roar) & the devastating Siberian Express!
*You can summon his sister Magik with his Bond of Bloodline skill.
*His previous Ultimate power (Fastball Special) is now a normal power.
-These heroes have had some minor changes: Black Panther, Black Widow, Captain America, Hawkeye, Human Torch, Jean Grey, Luke Cage, Punisher, Rocket Raccoon, Squirrel Girl, Spiderman, Storm & Thor.

Enemy changes
-Many new enemy types such as Frost Giant Ice Shaper, Shamans, Dark Elf Assassins, Fae Callers & more!
-Doop will now only flee once attacked or approached (preventing him from disappearing before you see him). Attack him quickly, he’s very slippery.
^The glorious new Asgard login screen!

Item changes
-Covered most of this in my last MH bulletin.
-Medkits now stack to 50.

-Asgard Storm & ENHANCED Beta Ray Bill costumes now available in-game for 950G & 1950G respectively.

UI changes
-Waypoints now allow players to visit any story waypoint, terminal, or challenge mode, & contains a fully-featured map of the Marvel Universe (with each location marked clearly).
-New Asgardian login screen

Patch 2.01
-Minor changes made to: Colossus, Emma Frost, Human Torch, Loki, Luke Cage, Ms. Marvel, Rocket Raccoon & Scarlet Witch.
-Unbind relics recipe is now available with your crafter. Requires: 1 Unstable Molecule, 1 Matrix of Unbinding, 300k credits & 3 pure elements. It can unbind any size stack of relics. (In a future patch, the cost will be temporarily reduced to allow players to unbind & change the relics they have on their heroes.)
-Colossus' Age of Apocalypse costume & Scarlet Witch's Ultimate costume are now available in the in-game store both for 950Gs each.

-Enemy health in certain regions has been adjusted downwards.
-Doop’s health has been reduced.
-Midtown Patrol now has a waypoint.
-In X-Defense, X-Students have been increased. If left completely undefended from the champion (blue) attackers at Wave 10, the X-Students will generally be captured in about a minute.

Marvel: Avengers Alliance 
Check out the complete Patch notes here.

PVP changes
-PVP Season 12 has begun with Domino being the PVP hero to win!

-A new 6th page is now available for research to add to your PVP armory bonus. It takes 2 days so start it now if you haven't already!
-Each armory page is now split down the middle- the left side adds offense & defense bonuses to your attacking team & the right side adds them to your defending team.
-There's an "Unsocket All" button at the bottom of the armory bonus page- For a modest price you can unsocket all  your armory items at once, enabling you to get back socketed items & resocket them as you see fit.

New Lockboxes
-Fanged lockboxes for Sabretooth can now be won from your first 5 bonus PVP fights as well as from covert PVP tasks.

So get cracking on PVP & Asgard! Until next time, keep things heroic!


  1. Any game that let's me play as Beta-Ray Bill is a winner to me. I featured your Thor review on my blog by the way.

    1. Thanks so much man! And lemme know when you join MH! I'll add you to my MH group. :)


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