Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Upcoming updates in Marvel Heroes & Marvel Avengers Alliance!

So quite a lot of announcements happened over the last weekend at the New York Comic Con (NYCC) 2013 for both Marvel Heroes & Marvel Avengers Alliance! Time to Hero Up! Also Doomsaw spilled the beans recently here as well. Read on to find out...


*Thor movie & comics fans! The next Spec Ops 14 is gonna ring in the release of Thor: The Dark World! With Heimdall as the Ops Hero to recruit in the end, Loki as the lockbox hero & Kurse as the group boss, it's gonna be loads of fun for all us MAA addicts while we help defeat Malekith & his evil elvish forces!

*Following Loki, Sabretooth will be the next lockbox hero.
*Domino will be the next PVP hero up for grabs in Season 12. S12 will also feature a change to how the armory works.

*While we do know that Cyclops' Uncanny costume will be the reward for the Chapter 2 Mastery in storymode Season 2, Daredevil's original costume will be the reward for Chapter 3 Mastery. Also Kingpin & Sin- daughter of Red Skull, will be making their villainous debuts in Chapter 3.
*Even though he was first announced at last year's SDCC, Doctor Voodoo will be coming soon in the game.

*Android fans- MAA will be launching via Google Play on November 21!

*iOS fans- Deadpool will be the next PVP hero. Also, Punisher & Beast will soon be available for recruitment.


Check out the NYCC trailer of new content:

-Work continues on the Mac version and you could probably expect it by Christmas.
-Trading is being worked on & will need at least a month of hardcore testing & iteration to make sure it's unbreakable.

New Heroes:
-Squirrel Girl is currently in the test center & will be the next new hero in 1.4. Sneak peek names of some of her powers: Squirrelpocalypse, Hulkbuster Squirrels.
-She'll be followed by Gambit (in 1.5- Nov) & Nightcrawler (1.6- Dec)
-Gambit is in full design process right now. He has a fun ability called "52-card pickup" that basically kills everything on screen. He also has some very well-animated combat animations & combat systems. Other power names- Cheat Death, Rain of Pain.  He has a Vagabond skill tree with some unique powers, including a power called "Sticky Fingers" that gives him a unique bonus to find orbs, credits & special items.
-Silver Surfer & Galactus will make an appearance in Marvel Heroes during 2014.
-Playable villians are not that far away.

Hero improvements:
-More improvements for many heroes including Colossus, Captain America, Daredevil, Hawkeye & Punisher by next month.
-Options are being added to help significantly reduce the cooldown on ultimate powers via the item & power system. [Update: With the Spiderman rework & 1.4's Squirrel Girl, Signature Powers will be introduced which will unlock at L30 having a cooldown of 3 minutes or less. At L52 the Ultimate power will unlock which will be even more powerful for tougher end-game content. More deats here. ]

-For Squirrel Girl, Gazillion has created it's own costume & pitched it to Marvel. They plan to do this a lot more in the future as Marvel really likes that process.
-For Halloween, the Brood Wolverine costume has been added to the store & will be available until November 1. Watch out for Punisher's Frankencastle costume in the game next!
-Costume alts for Spiderman (ENHANCED Superior Spiderman), Scarlet Witch (Ultimate) & Thor (Beta Ray Bill).

-New item slots (coming in 1.4):
*Stark-Tech items (unlocks at L45)- Devices created by Stark Industries to help any hero in different ways. Difficult to obtain, but can be crafted as well as found. Can be upgraded through your crafter.

*Legendary items (L55)- Provided to the most accomplished heroes from Odin's Vault (through Odin Marks). Strong items that get much stronger as they gain experience. As a player gains experience (even at L60), the item will level up & unlocks new powers. Can rank up 5 times & unlock new abilities. eg. The Ultimate Nullifier has a chance to wipe an enemy from existence (you still get the loot). As it ranks up, it improves your mental strength (spirit), damage and at rank 5 you will have a chance to devastate a boss on hit! Check out the list of Legendary items revealed here.

*1 PVP ring slot (L20)
*Two additional artifact slots
*1 Pet slot 

-Besides adding Blessings to artifacts, Odin Marks will have other uses once Asgard launches.
-Uniques & Legendaries will not be tradeable, they are going to stay "self-found" items.
-Cosmic Medallions bosses coming soon!
-Loads of new crafter recipes in the future so ensure you get your crafters to L20 asap!
-More items to be added to gear vendors to reward players who level them. They will likely be things you can only buy from them, including stuff similar to the gambling mechanic from D2.
-No current plans to make relics unbindable, but several new relics will be added in the future so you can spread them out to various heroes. They may make an extremely costly unbinding method so players can unbind relics only if absolutely needed.

New zones:
-Asgard will be the next new hub & looks AMAZING! The Dark Elves will show up. And get ready to whoop Loki's ass! There will be a Global Unlocking event for the Asgard content, after which Legendaries will be available. It will come in 3 chapters set up like a story, getting progressively more intense. Raids will be in one of the later chapters as things get more deadly.

-Bronx Zoo will be a new zone amongst others.


*A new Kingpin terminal.
*Randomized terminals with terminal-wide affixes on difficulty and loot. egs. All enemies are fire enchanted, but give 20% more special items or All enemies are invisible, but all drop an extra purple item. You can reroll the affixes until you get a challenge you like.
*A completely redesigned Limbo terminal for 5 players that acts as a never-ending dungeon descending into the planes.

-A very unique competitive PVE mode is in development
-The first PVP Mode called "Against the Gods" will be going on the test center by around October 24. Get more deats on it here.

So what are you guys most looking forward to? For me it's Asgard in Marvel Heroes & then Loki as a playable hero in MAA (WITH his movie costume! YAY!)

And before I forget- you can head on over to my Marvel Heroes group Comic Book HEROES Are Hot & join in our MH discussions out there!

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