Friday, 4 October 2013

Spiral is the new PVP hero in Marvel Avengers Alliance!

Good day SHIELD Agents! I'm sure all you MAA addicts are already at it in PVP Season 11! This time around we have a chance to win the six-armed siren, Spiral. I LOVE the character art for her & love how she looks in the game as well (although she does seem a bit small in size).

As always if you finish PVP in Adamantium league you win Spiral. Also they've tried to make things a bit different & interesting this time- You have a series of covert side tasks going on simultaneously, that includes collecting certain items via PVP to enable Drs. Pym & McCoy to create their very own Tesseract. Check out the entire task list here.

What I love this season is the little changes in the PVP interface- Gone are the long waiting times before the battle begins. They've gotten rid of the player profiles display screen where you had to click "Continue" to begin the battle. It now straightaway loads into the battle & this GREATLY saves on the loading time. The profiles don't appear at the end of the battle either, but there is a "Compare" button that you can click to check the side-by-side comparison of the bonuses, & a "Profile" button beneath the opponent's name that will take you to their profile. I like it this way because now I know if I lose a match, I WILL be checking the comparison. Before when a fight didn't seem to be going my way, I would make a mental note during the fight about checking the opponents bonuses & profile after, but then I would still just click away & forget about it in the end.

But as always with every PVP season, this one too comes with it's customary gripes. Last season it was the constant forced refresh after every PVP battle unless you refreshed your game before every fight (which wasn't guaranteed to always work either). This season it's seeing defense battles in your battle reports where you have fought...YOURSELF! Check my battle reports- I'm Agent MF Darkholme in the game & that's what I see in my reports!

And just like every other season, I have hopes of doing well this season. But this time it's because I managed to get my hands on the Custom Sword of the Barony AND the Scroll of the Angolob! FINALLY!!! So in the images I've posted below you can also check out my current hero & weapon lineup for attack & defense fights. This is of course, more than likely going to change multiple times. Which heroes & weapons are you guys currently using for your attack & defense? What do you like & loathe most about this season?
^First 2 weapons in my attack lineup are the Cruel Glaive (from Spec Ops 13) & the Brute (SO 11). The second defense weapon is the Hotshot. Nightcrawler is the Swashbuckling Infiltrator version.

Before I end this SHIELD transmission I'd like to inform all those players who haven't managed to get Magneto yet- Magnetic Lockboxes are now on sale for a limited time period! So buy them now while you still can! Also Deadpool, Cable, Rogue, Gambit & Spiderwoman are all on sale. I have all of them so I don't know their prices but I'm very interested in finding out!


  1. Great stuff Neil! I refuse to play for in game stuff, but that's just me.

    1. Thanks! And pretty sure you're not alone in that sentiment. :)


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