Saturday, 1 June 2013

Time for some X-Women "NOW!"

The Marvel NOW! event continues to progress in the comics & we've seen redesigns for various characters. I love that Marvel has taken risks with their redesigns & have actually used costumes for their female characters that aren't just practical but also tres sexy. It just goes to prove you don't need to put a female comic character in a thong to make her look sexy (yes, DC Comics. I'm looking at you).

My fave redesign EVER for any X-Men character in Marvel NOW! would definitely have to be Storm. Great, practical design AND she is once again rocking the mohawk that she sported in the 80's comics for a while! Below is the blog banner in higher resolution. It's taken from the cover of the X-Men #1 issue (left), created by Oliver Coipel.
^From top clockwise: Jubilee, Shadowcat, Rachel Summers, Rogue, Storm & Psylocke.

My top 3 FAVE costume redesigns as seen in Marvel NOW! would have to be (in order- Storm, Scarlet Witch & Cyclops):

The background I used is the Storm wallpaper from the Marvel Ultimate Alliance video game. Not posting a separate wallpaper for it as it's basically the same image with just the overall color changed...But that's the look Storm sported when she rocked the 'hawk in the 80's.

Hope you guys dig the change...Till next time, peace out, X-nerds!


  1. Oh yeah, I remember the mohawk. Definitely an improvement and very gutsy Neil. Thanks for sharing.!

    1. Thanks Maurice! I didn't think it was very gutsy as such when I did this change :P But I am glad you think it is & like it... :)

  2. I can't say I care for the Mohawk. I thought it looked pretty silly even in the eighties. I also think the cut out back is pretty sexist. Until they give women costumes that don't look silly on men, no progress has been made


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