Monday, 4 February 2013

The Marvel Avengers Alliance Spec Ops #6 Diary

So Spec Ops 6: Cry Havok is well underway & I'm sure you guys are now wholly engrossed in it. Here I'll just offer some tips & while you're at it you can check out the images as well. Before I continue, read this extremely helpful In-Depth Guide at the Playdom MAA forum.

Now what's unique about the SO6 is that not just one but two characters are up for grabs. The second one is not even a hero, but reformed villain Magneto! Cyclops' kid bro Havok, is of course the hero you'll receive at the completion of the 25 tasks.

Important Notes:
*This is the first SO wherein there are two epic missions. Yes, missions 2 AND 3 are both epic missions. I wasn't aware of this when I went into mission 2 the first time & missed out on the epic boss. So complete all fights & deploys to unlock the epic boss & get a chance to win the epic weapon (besides CPs, etc.)

*Specific heroes needed for deploys in mission 2: Nightcrawler, Phoenix
And for mission 3 you need: Beast, Deadpool, Tigra

*If you need to farm for CPs for any of these heroes, epic mission 4-4 is the best option- fewest battles, so least amount of energy required. I'm not suggesting mission 1-1 because in epic missions you get 2 chances to get CPs. Besides this, if you need to still 5 star missions in Chapters 8-10 you can do that by using the Normal mode & breeze through the fights, thereby quickly 5 starring the missions & getting the 5 guaranteed CPs.

*Running low on ISOs? Need just a few more to proceed? Used up all your gifts? Don't fret, as you can easily scrounge up the ISOs while doing the farming mission/PVP/5 starring a mission- ISO drops have been fairly generous across the board.

Quick Pointers for the Havok Tasks:
*Task 13 will accept deploys performed in story mode missions (i.e. non-SO missions).

*Task 17 is to defeat 10 M-series Sentinels. This task does NOT work in story mode missions so you'll have to defeat them in the SO mission 3 alone. However you'll find that in one run of the mission you'll just get 9 of the Sentinels. To prevent unnecessary ISO usage & delays, fight 3 Sentinels (keeping in mind Task 19 as well) & abort the mission. Then restart the mission & finish it to it's full completion.  Even though you had aborted the mission it will still consider the 3 fights.

*The day your Radian Rifle research ends make sure you do not accept your 50 free gifts until you reach Task 21- it accepts gifted ISOs.

*For Task 22 of collecting the lockboxes, complete a Magneto Task so that you automatically get your boxes from there without having to be at the mercy of the roulettes or daily bonus.

How do you go about recruiting Magneto?
-Magneto has his own separate set of 6 tasks to complete & thus, gain magnetic lockboxes. These boxes will help you in collecting 8 comic book covers that are necessary to get Magneto. (Will upload other images after getting them).

-Completion of the 6 Magneto tasks alone will NOT get you Magneto. They are meant to help you collect the lockboxes.
-There are 2 ways you can open a box: 1] Individually (1x)  2] In groups of 10 (10x)
-ALWAYS open the boxes in the 10x method i.e. choosing the button on the right. If you have less than 10 boxes wait till you manage collecting more either from the roulettes, daily bonus or the Magneto tasks.
-If you open single boxes you may get a comic cover but it's only a 7% chance & most of the items you get in a single box are the worthless ones that you will probably sell later. Opening a 10x box will get you 10 items- some may be worthless but you WILL get a guaranteed comic cover along with some exciting weapons, good ISOs. Some friends of mine have managed to get the Cosmic Flare epic weapon that was only available during the Spec Ops 3! I myself have managed to get good weapons with high PVP bonus that are helping in increasing my armory bonus in PVP.
-If you land getting a duplicate comic, you are reimbursed with 10,000 silver.

Quick Pointers for the Magneto Tasks:
-These tasks will not begin right at the start but rather somewhere after your first research (Havok Task 6: Research the Pyramidion).

-Task 2 of defeating 5 mutants can be achieved in story mode missions: Mission 2-5 has 3 mutants. If you're farming for CPs you could do mission 4-4 where the epic boss is Magneto.

-Task 4 of defeating 15 Sentinels can also be done outside the SO in missions 3-4, 7-2 & 8-4.

-Always try & align achieving your Magneto tasks WHILE you go about completing the Havok ones. When you go to the In-depth Guide link, read through both sets of tasks nicely & then decide how you can go about finishing both while using minimum ISOs.

That's about it! Will post my final verdict of the SO once it ends. Now go forth fellow SHIELD agents! You still got 22 days left to win big! As an added bonus here's some SO dialogues of Havok, PLUS Havok in action! More pics are gonna be upped here once I finish getting Havok & Magneto.


  1. I'll have to try this game out. Thanks for the tips and welcome back man! Like the new blog header and background.
    - Maurice

    1. I thought you might've already tried the game after seeing my previous MAA posts out here!
      And thanks man! Definitely feels good to be back. Look out for some good stuff in the future especially regarding The Wolverine & X-Men: Days of Future Past movies!

  2. Thanks for the tips! I have Tigra, but I just spent all of my CPs to recruit Nightcrawler and Phoenix, so...Deadpool and Beast is going to be quite a bit of farming.

    1. You're most welcome! Thanks for the subscribe!


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