Friday, 1 February 2013

Apologies for the hiatus...But I'm back!

Hey there fellow X-fanatics! Hope the year 2013 is going great for you'll so far! Sorry for the unannounced hiatus from the blog- it was totally unplanned & just happened- "real life" stuff you know. :P But I'm back, serving you'll up with all the interesting little tidbits I can find regarding our beloved X-Universe!

As always you'll continue to find awesome cosplays, reviews of all the highly anticipated comic book movies of 2013, concept art from the various X-Men movies, some of my own art & much more!

This year will DEFINITELY be more interesting for us X-movie fans compared to the quiet 2012! The Wolverine releases in July & the much-awaited sequel to 2011's X-Men First Class, X-Men: Days of Future Past, will FINALLY begin filming this year as well! Watch out for news & discussions regarding both movies right here.

^Loads of new stuff awaits you right here this year! Go on, you know you wanna check it out...

Now I just want to say that this year I'll be consciously changing the tone of the blog a bit. Ever since I began I've always seen to the nitty-gritty details as well, such as linking to the original sites (in case of news), arranging cosplay posts in order of characters, etc. I might do away with this & just go for something more casual & conversational. And I don't know if you'll used to find it amusing or annoying, but I now also won't be starting all my post titles with the letter X! :P

One thing I intend to continue doing is updating the existing older posts with new info, so you get all the news related to one particular topic on one page. And whenever I update, I'll list the updated posts just below the blog banner.

Well, enough blah-blah for now- hope you guys continue to enjoy reading this little blog of mine as much as you'll enjoy the world of the X-Men! Anything you don't want me to change (I know, for instance, some of you'll like the character-wise cosplay posting)? Something more or different you'd like to see here? Just sound off your opinions in the comments below...

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