Sunday, 30 September 2012

X-Factor! The Dragon*Con 2012 Fiery Cosplay!

So this year Dragon*Con took place during the US Labor weekend (August 31- September 3) & like last year, I bring to you yet another motley cosplaying crew! I must say though, I was slightly let down with the fact that there didn't seem to be as many X-costumes as last year...No steampunk X-Men group, no Box X-Men. But do not despair X-fans! If this New X-Men Jean Grey cosplay (right>) is any indication, the costumes that you're about to check out below are bound to please...

Rogue & Gambit
What I loved this time around is that many didn't just settle for the typical yellow-&-green duds (that I'm sorta bored of seeing in cosplay now). Love ALL the variations! That Uncanny X-Men Rogue in #16 is amazing & it's a pity I wasn't able to get a full length image of hers. If anyone does, do let me know...
^#2, 5, 12, 13- Rogue's current costume
#3 & 4- Hooded Rogue! (my personal fave costume of Rogue's)
#12- Rogue with gender bending Gambit.   

Deadpool cosplayers are a given at any Con & it's always a delight to see what goofs they'll bring to their costumes each time!
^#7 & 8- Steampunk Deadpool.

New X-Men & Mutants- Pixie, X-23, Magik & Dani Moonstar
Good to see Magik & Dani Moonstar cosplays cos you don't see those two cosplayed enough!
^#5- X-23 with Punisher;  #6- X-23 with Domino & Deadpool  
#8- Magik with Kitty Pryde in her Sprite costume.

Psylocke/Betsy Braddock
Let me just say right now- #3 (& 4) Psylocke is probably THE best I've seen! And that psi-katana! OMG!
^#1- X-Force Psylocke
#5- Yaya Han's Psylocke with Jean Grey & Rogue 
#6- Betsy Braddock's first superhero costume ever (seen here with her bro Captain Britain).

Jean Grey/Phoenix & Cyclops
Just gotta mention here that the cosplayer in #6- 8 donning Phoenix's New X-Men costume is really gutsy! AND she's really pulled off the costume so well!
^#1, 4, 9, 11, 12- Dark Phoenix
#2 (& 3)- classic (or TAS) Jean Grey;   #8- X-Factor Jean
#14- Classic, X-Men First Class (comic) & X-Factor Cyclopses & Jeans with Magneto   
#15- Gender bender X-Factor Cyclops.

^#1, 2, 3, 6 & 8- Movie Wolverine (#8 is with Goku)
#4-5 Gender bender Wolvie;   #7- Tan & Brown Wolverine

^#2- Mohawk Storm!;   #3- Movie Storm & Woverine

The X-Men Rogues Gallery
A fantastic Movie Mystique (#7), a gender bender Juggernaut cosplay that looks more awesome than most male Juggy cosplayers I've seen (#10) & a brilliant Lady Deathstrike (#11), amongst others!

^#1-2 Magneto;  #3-4 Scarlet Witch;  #5- Quicksilver.
#6- Classic Mystique   
#8- Steampunk Mystique, in #9 steampunk Blindfold accompanies her.
#12-13 Sabretooth;   #14- Gender bender Sabretooth
#15- Movie Sebastian Shaw

Emma Frost
The Avengers vs X-Men Marvel even just started this year in April so it's really awesome to see some cosplayers already starting to delve into creating AvX costumes! The Phoenix 5 Emma Frost cosplay in #3 (& 4) is just brilliantly sexy & everything we could wish for! On a side note, you can appreciate what #7 (& 8) has gone through to get the whole diamond look down.
^#2- is with Joker;  

In #7, they've basically recreated the cover which had Northstar marrying his boyfriend Kyle Jinadu quite recently. But there's an interesting story behind this photo as well- these guys have been together for 20 years took the opportunity to get married in front of a large group of cosplaying witnesses.
^Bishop, Colossus (with DC's Aqualad), Rogue stealing Colossus power, Jubilee, Polaris, Black Queen, Domino & Deadpool (& X-23); Gender bender Wolverine & Sabretooth.

Group Photos
^#1- Cyclops, Storm, Rogue, Bishop & Gambit.
#2- Gambit gender bender, Colossus & Rogue
#3- Nightcrawler  gender bender & Gambit flanked by models.
#4- Uncanny X-Men Rogue & Psylocke with Deadpool.
#5- X-Factor Jean Grey & Cyclops with Nightcrawler.
#6- Storm, Gladiator, Japan Wolverine & Mariko Yashida
#8- Deadpool, Banshee, Gambit, Rogue, Nightcrawler, Blade, Wolverine, Jubilee, & Sebastian Shaw. (Don't know who the skull face & blue-black suit guys are supposed to be)
#9- Rogue, Emma Frost & Cyclops.



  1. Neil, these are awesome. It must have been so much fun! My favs are the Storm, muscular Wolverine and Psylocke of course. Hard to choose though. They're all excellent.

    1. If you mean collecting all these awesome images was fun, then YES, indeed! But I wasn't actually there, what with me being in India et al. :P But yeah, SOO wish I WAS!

      My faves are (in order) New X-Men Phoenix, hooded & uncanny rogue, X-Factor Jean, Mystique, Deathstrike. Cos yeah, I couldn't stick to just 3 myself lol!


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