Wednesday, 25 July 2012

XD About time things got "AvX" in here!

More than half of the year 2012 has passed & my blog has been donning the same look ever since January! So I decided to do something about it...

If the previous theme of my blog's look was the then-ongoing Marvel event "Schism", this new theme revolves around the event that follows it: Avengers vs X-MenConsider AvX Marvel's way of pandering to the movie-going crowd- fresh after watching (& enjoying) The Avengers movie, they'd be curious to learn more about these beloved comic book heroes & hit their local comic book stores (or the Internet) to get their hands on some comics that will help them do just that!

The Avengers vs X-Men event (or AvX, for short), kicked off its 12-issue biweekly run in April this year. Spurred by the return of the Phoenix Force, the Avengers wage an all-out war on the X-Men as they do not want to see the Phoenix cause any more destruction in its wake. The event was teased by several gorgeous comic book covers that enticed us with battles that we've been dying to see between the Avengers & X-Men characters!

Act 1 (issues #1-5) of AvX saw both the Avengers & the X-Men in a frenzied rush to get hold of Hope Summers while the Force headed for Earth. When the Avengers manage to prevent the Force from bonding with Hope, they inadvertently cause it to split into five & link itself with five other members of the X-Men: Cyclops, Emma Frost, Colossus, Magik & Namor, thus forming the Phoenix Five. And it's this very same fiery team that is now featured in my blog banner!
This art is from the Avengers vs X-Men #8 Adam Kubert variant cover. Personally I absolutely LOVE Emma Frost's new outfit! It's sexy in keeping with her trademark tantalizing dress-sense & nicely melds in the Phoenix theme. Magik's is pretty cool too. What I don't like are the male costumes- Cyclops' costume is a complete Nightwing rip-off! Colossus' costumes have always been messed up really bad, so this isn't much of a surprise. And Namor? OMG! That's just gay! That being said, this cover still looks pretty badass!
^The #8 AvX cover & some more art featuring the Phoenix Five in their fiery glory!

Of course, with all this focus on the Phoenix Force, I just had to have the beloved Jean Grey as part of my blog background! The Dark Phoenix artwork comes from the Phoenix Endsong #1 issue. This cover (< left), created by Greg Land, is by far my favorite image of Jean Grey till date! You can download the wallpaper (1280 x 1024) of this background below.

CREDITS:Thanks to my Comic Book Nerds Are Hot Facebook group peeps, Chris Grisby, Tim Barklay & Mohammed Aarrach, for helping me search for the "Things" font on the banner. Big thanks to Chris for managing to snag the Linotype Rory Oblique font that is so close to the original!
The other (red) font used is Avengeance.

So how do y'all like the hot new look of the blog? While creating the new banner I was just thinking to myself that it's such a happy coincidence that my blog's name begins with an "A" & ends with an "X"! :D What would y'all like to see as the theme next time around? Any fave character you'd like to see gracing the background of my blog? Sound off in the comments below!


  1. Nice look. Will be reading more from your blog. =)

  2. Neil, awesome news. The title alone makes it work for me. Kubert is a genius.


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