Sunday, 27 May 2012

X-Factor! The MegaCon 2012 Mega Cosplay!

As I said in my last cosplay post, the next one would be "mega". Yup, I was talking about the MegaCon! It was held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida on Feb 17-19. The center offers a floor space of 156,000 square feet to the exhibitors. What I found intriguing is that the Con actually hosted a 2 hour speed-dating event this year! How cool is that!

Check out all the exciting X-cosplay images below!


^1- Phoenix, 2- Marvel Girl, 3- White Phoenix,
4- Phoenix & Scarlet Witch, 5- Gorgeous Dark Phoenix,
6- Dark Phoenix &...well, you know him.
7- Dark Phoenix & Lady Deadpool.

Cyclops & Wolverine

^#1- Ultimate Cyke, #2 & 3- Classic Cyke (& Wolvie)
#4- Movie & gender-bender Wolverines, #5- Patch Wolverine.

Scarlet Witch & Magneto

^Wanda #1 (& #2)'s costume is the best SW I've seen ever.

Shadowcat & Storm

^Kitty #2 is pretty cool! Loving the details on her costume...

X-23 & Daken

^#3 is of Uncanny X-Force Warpath, X-23 & Wolverine

Deadpool, Lady Deadpool, Psylocke (& Colossus)

#1 & 3 - Lady Deadpool & Uncanny X-Force Deadpool,
#2- Lady Deadpool (Props for the Marvel v/s Capcom game reference!)
#4- Deadpool with a smokin' hot Supergirl,
#5-6 - In Deadpool cosplay, you just know you're in for something zanny sometimes! (#6 is with Catwoman, of course)
#8- Uncanny X-Force Deadpool & Psylocke,
#10- X-treme Psylocke with Colossus.


^It's always fun to see different versions of characters in cosplay & I love the makeup on this First Class Mystique (#3).

Siryn, Beast, Mister Sinister, Fantomex, Gambit & Rogue


^Fantastic Fantomex & gorgeous Rogue (but I still would like to see more variety in Rogue cosplay)!

Group Photos

^1- Psylocke, Spiderman, Fantomex
2- Captain America & Ultimate Cyclops
3- Movie Wolverine & Jean Grey(?), Gambit, Phoenix
4- Mystique with X-Men First Class Azazel & Sebastian Shaw
5- Wolverine & Beast
6- Wolverine, Rogue & Beast
7- Dark Phoenix with Punisher, Nick Fury, Maria Hill & Uncanny X-Force Deadpool
8- Black Canary & a cool Dazzler,
9- Gambit, Rogue & Rictor

-David Ngo
-Patrick Sun
-Darkain Multimedia
-Yama Gobo
-Nathan Carter
* 12 & 3.
*SuperHero Photography
*Jimthemingebag's DeviantArt

Also thanks to the following cosplayers who sent me some great pictures: Nelson D Martinez, Lucid Cosplay, Alyssa Axten, John Beaver!

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