Sunday, 27 May 2012

X-Factor! The MegaCon 2012 Mega Cosplay!

As I said in my last cosplay post, the next one would be "mega". Yup, I was talking about the MegaCon! It was held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida on Feb 17-19. The center offers a floor space of 156,000 square feet to the exhibitors. What I found intriguing is that the Con actually hosted a 2 hour speed-dating event this year! How cool is that!

Check out all the exciting X-cosplay images below!


^1- Phoenix, 2- Marvel Girl, 3- White Phoenix,
4- Phoenix & Scarlet Witch, 5- Gorgeous Dark Phoenix,
6- Dark Phoenix &...well, you know him.
7- Dark Phoenix & Lady Deadpool.

Cyclops & Wolverine

^#1- Ultimate Cyke, #2 & 3- Classic Cyke (& Wolvie)
#4- Movie & gender-bender Wolverines, #5- Patch Wolverine.

Scarlet Witch & Magneto

^Wanda #1 (& #2)'s costume is the best SW I've seen ever.

Shadowcat & Storm

^Kitty #2 is pretty cool! Loving the details on her costume...

X-23 & Daken

^#3 is of Uncanny X-Force Warpath, X-23 & Wolverine

Deadpool, Lady Deadpool, Psylocke (& Colossus)

#1 & 3 - Lady Deadpool & Uncanny X-Force Deadpool,
#2- Lady Deadpool (Props for the Marvel v/s Capcom game reference!)
#4- Deadpool with a smokin' hot Supergirl,
#5-6 - In Deadpool cosplay, you just know you're in for something zanny sometimes! (#6 is with Catwoman, of course)
#8- Uncanny X-Force Deadpool & Psylocke,
#10- X-treme Psylocke with Colossus.


^It's always fun to see different versions of characters in cosplay & I love the makeup on this First Class Mystique (#3).

Siryn, Beast, Mister Sinister, Fantomex, Gambit & Rogue


^Fantastic Fantomex & gorgeous Rogue (but I still would like to see more variety in Rogue cosplay)!

Group Photos

^1- Psylocke, Spiderman, Fantomex
2- Captain America & Ultimate Cyclops
3- Movie Wolverine & Jean Grey(?), Gambit, Phoenix
4- Mystique with X-Men First Class Azazel & Sebastian Shaw
5- Wolverine & Beast
6- Wolverine, Rogue & Beast
7- Dark Phoenix with Punisher, Nick Fury, Maria Hill & Uncanny X-Force Deadpool
8- Black Canary & a cool Dazzler,
9- Gambit, Rogue & Rictor

-David Ngo
-Patrick Sun
-Darkain Multimedia
-Yama Gobo
-Nathan Carter
* 12 & 3.
*SuperHero Photography
*Jimthemingebag's DeviantArt

Also thanks to the following cosplayers who sent me some great pictures: Nelson D Martinez, Lucid Cosplay, Alyssa Axten, John Beaver!


  1. awesome pics love the phoenix looks

    1. Thanks! Hey if ya like the blog do subscribe...:)

  2. Neil, great idea grouping them by character. You can really see a wide range of costuming styles. My favorites? Gender-bending Wolverine and Deadpool in a wheelchair.
    - Maurice Mitchell
    The Geek Twins | Film Sketchr
    @thegeektwins | @mauricem1972

    1. I always group my cosplay post by character... :) Yeah, it definitely helps you appreciate the different iterations of the characters more!

  3. Say Neil, I sent some more blog awards your way!

    1. Thanks so much dude! For the award AND the plug! I think we're practically like "blogger-besties" now lol!

  4. That's my White Phoenix of the Crown!!! :-)

    I wish I had worn better shoes that day so that the costume would have looked better in pictures... Oh well. Thanks for posting!

    1. It was my pleasure...And I didn't notice anything wrong with your shoes, your costume looks great, that's all that matters. :)

  5. Our X-Force group made the cut! Awesome! next time we'll have to plan it to meet up with X-Force Deadpool, Fantomex, and Psylocke. Take a massive X-Force pic!!

    1. Looking forward to it Ryan! Hope you didn't think these photos were taken by me though...The credits are at the end of the post.

    2. No worries at all. I'm just hoping we can round everyone up for a badass group shot!


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