Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Xhibit: The Wolverine Minimalist Movie Poster!

Calm down, calm down...I hope reading the title didn't make you think they've actually released an official poster for the movie! They haven't even announced the entire official cast lol!

This poster was created by yours truly...Below are the various iterations for the poster which you can download in a 1600x1200 wallpaper resolution.

I tried to go for a minimalist design here & this idea has been nagging my brain since AGES! I finally got down to creating it. As you guys all know, The Wolverine movie is gonna be based on Logan's stint in Japan, hence the claws over the red of the Japanese flag...

Below are the various images that inspired me or that I used directly in the poster:

*Font- Wolf's Bane

*Texture inspiration- I was searching for suitable textures I could use for my poster once I was done with all other aspects of the design. Since I recently joined DeviantArt I thought of searching "flag textures" out there & by coincidence I got this as the second result! It was damn nice of "think0" to give some pointers of how he created the texture for that art, which lead me to the source below....

*Texture-! 1 was such a PERFECT fit with those claw-like scratches on it! I used 2 just over the hand & claws to differentiate it from the background.

*Special thanks to all my Comic Book Nerds Are Hot homies for sharing their inputs on the designs. I had various other iterations (with a brown hand, grey hand, & other minor changes) & these guys let me know which ones of the iterations they liked best so thanks guys!

Hope you guys dig the wallpapers! It would be nice if y'all could comment below & lemme know which version/s y'all like best...I do have plans to do a second poster but I think I might wait until they announce the official cast & characters. If I decide to do it earlier, then I might just end up creating THREE poster designs in total for The Wolverine! lol


  1. These are awesome dude. Definitely going our links list on Friday. I can't decide if I like the one with more splatter or none best...

    1. Thanks! I personally love the bloody ones cos, well, it's Wolverine! :P I couldn't decide between the gritty or solid borders & I felt some would not like having bloody wallpapers for their screens, so i just put all 4 up here... :)

      Thanks once again!

    2. Dude, did you see this?


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