Monday, 12 March 2012

Xhibit: Mystique Joins X-Force! :D

Here's another artwork submitted by me for the Artists Assemble segment of the Comic Book Nerds Are Hot Facebook group. For this one, we could draw any character from any media (movies, tv, comics, games, books) but as a member of Wolverine's X-Force. So that basically involves the trademark black-&-grey costumes, masks (if needed) with red eyes, weapons & blood. Lotsa blood. :P

If you been reading my blog from the time I started, you'd know that I'm a HUGE Mystique fan, so I knew I just HAD to draw her donning the X-Force duds! It's just a happy coincidence that she can also be a murdering bitch which makes her a perfect fit for the X-Force team! You can download the artwork I created as a wallpaper (1280x1024). Below are two versions: clean & bloody.

When thinking of ideas about what her costume & weapons would look like, I was gonna go for her leather pant suit look that she sported in her solo series Mystique Vol. 1 #1-24 (see below) but then realized that it wouldn't be challenging enough so I decided to go with changing up her classic white costume (you know, the one with the skulls). Also I decided she didn't need a mask cos, duh- she's a shapeshifter! And since imo her yellow eyes look gorgeous on her blue skin, I didn't give her red eyes either.
^Mystique's solo series issues #1, 4, 6 & 12. I used the title
Below you can check out all the images I used either for inspiration when sketching her out or for the background...

^Mystique in her classic white costume, the Uncanny X-Force costumes, X-23 in her X-Force costume without the mask & the boots!

^These are the actual props used in X-Men The Last Stand as the cure guns.

For the background I used one of the stills released for Resident Evil 5 (aka Resident Evil: Retribution)

Do lemme know in the comments if you liked the wallpapers. Critiques are most welcome as always...


  1. Your attention to detail is amazing man. Keep the awesome wallpaper coming.

    1. Thanks! I definitely will! Any X-related ones will be up here, for the others you can always check my DeviantArt...

  2. The design is awesome. Not sure why the legs seem a little short to me, though

    1. Thanks...Lol! Well this art is actually the 2nd week's Artists Assemble I took part at the CBNAH group. I didn't upload this before cos I'd actually forgotten to add the blood to the pic (very un-XForce :P )when uploading my entry to that group . So only once I finally bloodied it did I post this article with both these versions. :)

      I'd like to think my art has improved since then...All the other artworks (Jean+Cyke Valentines, the Storms, etc) actually were drawn & colored after this 1, so I hope there's some kind of progression showing in those... :)


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