Saturday, 17 March 2012

X-Event: 2012 Comic Con Schedule & London Super Comic Con cosplay!

This year we have new Comic Cons to look forward to! And you know what that means- more X-cosplay madness & X-news & previews! :D Below is the current Comic Con schedule for 2012. I'll update it with info on any Cons that I may have missed out on as soon as I get it. I know the MegaCon & London Super Comic Con have already taken place, but I just post to have a complete schedule of all the main or new Comic Cons...If you got a Comic Con you wanna see listed out here, just comment on this post.
Comic Convention Dates Venue
MegaCon Feb 17-19 Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida
London Super Comic Convention Feb 25-26 Excel Center, London
WonderCon March 16-18 Anaheim Convention Center, California
C2E2- Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo April 13-15 McCormick Place, Chicago, Illinois
Wizard World Toronto Comic Con April 14-15 Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Toronto, Canada
Kapow! Comic-Con May 19-20 London Business Design Center, London
San Diego Comic Con July 12-15 San Diego Convention Center, California
Dragon*Con Aug 31 - Sept 3 Atlanta, Georgia
New York Comic Con Oct 11-14 Javits Center, NYC

This was the inaugural year for the London Super Comic Con & many of the big-wigs from the comic book industry showed their support & made their presence felt at the event. Loads of publishers & creators both big & small showcased, sold & signed their work.

While there weren't any Marvel events, comic book legend Stan Lee was present (see right >) on both days at his own LSCC panel! Apparently memorabilia including oil paintings signed by Stan The Man were being sold for £1,150 a piece!

On Feb 25, a cosplay competition was held & you'll can see some of the awesome cosplays at the LSCC! London has definitely got it alright! Check out some of the cosplays below!

Rogue (& Gambit)

^1, 2- Rogue in her Shi'Ar costume! I know right?? So AWESOME to see a different Rogue costume than the standard one. Ditto for 7 which is X-Men Evolution Rogue!

X-23, Daken, Sage, Wolverine, Domino

^2, 3 is a different spin on Daken! 

Hope Summers, Jean Grey, Pixie, Jubilee
^1, 2 is a GORGEOUS Hope ♥! 3- Classic Jean Grey with Rogue & Pixie. 4- An amazing Pixie!

Gender-bender Magneto & (X-Men First Class) Professor X
^These are pretty good concepts!

Group Photos

^1- X-23 with DC's Black Canary & Poison Ivy
2- Kingpin, Thing, Bloody Mary & Deadpool.
3- This has the complete view of that rad Hope costume. She's here with Shockwave & Joker.
4- Valkyrie & Scarlet Witch

*Special thanks to Jennie, blogger at Fancy Dresscapades, for her quick response with the photos she & her boyfriend took at the Con!
*Kacey Lucius
*Mark Gascoigne

This is only the beginning of the 2012 cosplay- LOADS more cosplaying goodness will be coming your way out here- so keep your eyes peeled for the updates! (Hint: The next cosplay post is a "mega"-sized one! ;P )

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