Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Xhibit: The calm before the Storm...

So I assume you guys now know about the ongoing weekly assignments that we members take part in at the Comic Book Nerds Are Hot Facebook group.

Last week, tragedy struck at the CBNAH group. We lost a dear member, Jason Trent, to a car accident. What was even more shocking to us was that he'd just turned 27 on Feb 11 :( . He was a big X-Men fan & Storm was his favorite X-character.

I immediately thought the most fitting way to dedicate my AA art to him would be to draw Storm. Also it so happens that the month of February was celebrated as Black Appreciation Month in the US, which convinced me even further that this time, I was meant to draw Ororo Munroe.

After being inspired by fellow member Will Smith who was just churning out his art (like a machine!), I decided one artwork wasn't enough- so I did two! Hope you dig...You can download wallpapers for both as well as the original poster version for the 2nd art.

In #1 is of all my favorite avatars of Storm! 80s Mohawk Storm, Avengers Storm & her trademark white costume (that featured in X-Men The Animated Series as well)! The costume that I used for her in #2 is her current comics garb (you'll see her in these duds during the Avengers vs X-Men story arc). Check out the different images I took my inspiration from below!

Oh! And I'm now on DeviantArt as well! So if any of you guys are on it as well, feel free to get in touch with me out there as well!


  1. So very young - very tragic. At least you are remembering him in a way that is very fitting and he would no doubt have approved of.

    1. Thanks for the kind words...Yes it was very tragic indeed...I feel sad for his family. They're based in Norway while he was in Boston, MA.


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