Thursday, 23 February 2012

Xcite! Marvel: Avengers Alliance Facebook game coming soon!

There's a new Marvel Facebook game on the scene that not many seem to know about. That's cos it's currently in closed beta, so Marvel isn't exactly putting it out there as yet, besides this.

Disney Playdom’s Marvel: Avengers Alliance should be live by this month or latest by March. The game will be an RPG (perhaps on the lines of the X-Men Legends & Marvel Ultimate Alliance PC & console games?), & will boast of over 100 Marvel characters in total, including 28 heroes.
UPDATE (29/2/2012): Avengers Alliance is now LIVE since yesterday! Plus more images...

Quite a few heroes & villains have been revealed so far & you can check out their pics that are scattered throughout this post.
^The X-heroes revealed so far. Cyclops, Storm, Colossus & Nightcrawler are reportedly on their way!

The X-villains revealed so far:

Check out the trailer below:

Marvel has enlisted the help of comic book writer Alex Irvine to pen the story for the game. Mediabistro's GalleyCat blog interviewed Irvine about the game, below are the main game details you'll get from it:
-An event known as The Pulse has unusual effects around the world. The game focuses on NYC which becomes a target for a number of the world's super villians who are trying to recover a chemical released by the Pulse called ISO-8. SHIELD attempts to intervene but is overwhelmed in the aftermath of the Pulse. To help fight against the new menace, they recruit loads of new agents. You play a SHIELD agent who has to manage a team of superheroes.

-As you progress through the game playing various missions, you get to power up your heroes & also upgrade your own agent character with new equipment, weapons & research. You can also involve your other friends playing the game in certain missions as you may need to enlist the help of the heroes on their teams.
^Mr. Fantastic & Invisible Woman are also poised to be in action for the game!

-Few missions will be in real-time but most will be in game time, meaning you won't have to stay occupied with the game for a major amount of time everyday (seeing that it's just an FB game). Individual matches in the game can be completed in no more than 10 minutes.

-Irvine has worked on the story since November 2010. The story will play out over a period of months for the average gamer. He also hinted that the game will tie into other future projects that he cannot yet reveal.

Listen to the full audio interview to know what else Irvine had to say regarding the story development, what the game will do for the face of social gaming & other minor details...

InsideSocialGames spoke to Michael Rubinelli, Disney Playdom’s VP of studio operations & they had the chance of a demo walkthrough with him & Offbeat Creations COO & co-founder, Robert Reichner. Offbeat Creations was acquired by Playdom in 2010. You can read all the details about the gameplay by clicking on "InsideSocialGames".

To get updates about the game & download some cool screens, visit the Facebook page & "Like" it. With Disney Playdom having quite a few of it's games on Google+, it's quite possible that the game will be even available on that platform along with/after the Facebook release. And watch this space for any more updates or official images from the game!

UPDATE (29/2/2012): Yup the game is now LIVE! So PLAY NOW!!! And check out some more images below:


  1. That sounds really good. I can't wait! Maybe I'll stop playing Farmville.

    1. Yeah can't wait for this game to go live! I never got the deal with Farmville really...Horrible graphics lol! Lately I've been playing a (monster) farming game called Monster World on Google+.

  2. I added this news to our links list man. Cool stuff.

  3. awesome phoenix, storm and kitty :)

    1. I KNOW! :D I can't wait to get em on my team...Currently from the X-Men, I am using Cyclops though, & he's pretty awesome!


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