Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Xalt! X-Fashion by Kevin Wada & Max Wittert!

Quite a few of you may already be aware of the awesome X-Men fashion artwork being regularly churned out by the of Kevin Wada & Max Wittert. Check out the other X-art Kevin Wada's created below:

^Marvel Girl, Emma Frost & a cool X-Men group picture with Wada putting his own spin on each of the characters!

The X-fashion pet project of this dynamic duo seemed to at first, only encompass the X-ladies but now it appears they believe that the X-guys need to get their chique on as well! :D But no one's complaining- their art is gorgeous!

Both seem to be huge fans of the X-Men (thank God for that cos we get to see their gorgeous X-art!) & both have varied art styles. While Wada choses to get all your concentration centered on the subject alone, Wittert tends to have these really generous splashes of color even in the background of his main characters. Max's costume redesigns also seem to have this carefree, whimsical, hipster-grunge feel to them as opposed to Kevin's defined, often figure-hugging haute couture.

Below are all the images for you'll to enjoy, including the very latest fourth set. I've posted them artist-wise & in order of the sets they released them in.

Kevin Wada

Set 1: Emma Frost, Dark Phoenix, Mystique, Lady Deathstrike

Set 2: Shadowcat, Callisto, Karma, Lilandra

Set 3: X-23, Magma, Cyclops, Chamber

Set 4: Magneto, Scarlet Witch, Danielle Moonstar, Bishop

Max Wittert

Set 1: Rogue, Storm, Jubilee, Psylocke

Set 2: Polaris, Dazzler, Marrow, Spiral

Set 3: Gambit, Madelyne Pryor, Namor, Wolfsbane

Set 4: Nightcrawler, Aurora & Northstar, Ms. Marvel, Dead Girl

I really love the fact that they've extended the redesigns to even the lesser-known characters as well. Full X-representation out here! :D

For more art from these guys y'all can head onto Kevin Wada's blog & website as well as Max Wittert's blog & website!

Watch this space for more X-Fashion from these two as & when they release new ones!


  1. These guys are really talented! My favorites are Magneto and Cyclops.

    1. They certainly are! Hmmm Cyclops looks a bit too 80's gay for me :P
      My faves (in this order) are:
      Emma Frost
      Scarlet Witch


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