Friday, 13 January 2012

XD A New Year, A New Look...

Don't worry you ain't gonna be seeing this same new look for the WHOLE of 2012! But it's a new look nonetheless! Hope you guys like it...I thought of going all "Schism-y" on you guys :P

FYI Schism was the big Marvel X-Men event of 2011 that divided the X-Men between 2 camps: Team Wolverine & Team Cyclops. The brutal violence in my new blog banner is courtesy X-Men Schism #5! We all knew how much Wolverine & Cyclops held their grudges against each other. We just never thought it could actually come to this! Check out the 5 pages from the #5 issue below that I used to create the new blog banner!

And you can download the wallpaper size (1280 x 1024) of the banner below!

I tried to get a font that is as close to the Schism-font as possible. After asking about it on Yahoo Answers I managed to get one- Treacherous Curves! I think it is seriously working it's magic in the banner imho...Check out a sample of the Schism font below from the X-Men Schism #1 cover:

Now about the background, the Wolverine image comes from the cover of Fear Itself Wolverine #3 (of 3). The New York scenery is a pic I got off the Net. Below is the cover featuring a bad-ass Wolverine chained to a missile & besides it is the background in wallpaper form (1280 x 1024).


So if you've looked on the right & noticed that this is just my 2nd post for 2012, fear not! Cos I've been updating posts that are already on the blog:
* X-Men First Class Awards News
* X-Men Anime Wallpaper downloads (this post got mentioned on SlashFilm as well after the update!)

Feel free to comment below (in Blogger's new threaded commenting feature) on what you'd like to see more or less of on the blog. I got a couple of cosplay posts & quite a few X-movie concept art posts lined up, so do lemme know what you'd like to see next...


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