Wednesday, 18 January 2012

X-Event 2012: Avengers vs. X-Men (AvX)

X-Event is pretty self-explanatory...Any event, be it an in-comic event, comic con, etc, concerning or revolving around the X-Men is gonna be covered by me in this segment...

Come April 2012, Marvel is gonna kickstart their new comic book event: Avengers vs X-Men (AvX)! The 12 issue biweekly series revolves around the war between the Avengers & X-Men that begins after the rebirth of the Phoenix Force.

^Promo posters for AvX

Recenty the AvX teasers were just pouring in! Some are great dueling duos & some just leave you scratching your head (Hulk vs Emma Frost??)! Check out all the cool art below...

^ Row 1: Colossus vs The Thing, Archangel vs Daredevil, Storm vs Thor, Beast vs Luke Cage.
Row 2: Hulk vs Emma Frost, Ms. Marvel vs Rogue, Spiderman vs Iceman, Black Widow vs Psylocke.
Row 3: Iron Man vs Magneto, Cyclops vs Hawkeye, Wolverine vs Captain America, Spider-woman vs Gambit

The one with Spider-woman & Gambit HAS to be the WORST teaser of them all!! The anatomy of both characters is just WAY off! Spider-woman looks like she's got the body of a female Avatar! And Gambit looks like a coat hanger with a trench coat hung on it! Arrgh! But that's just one, the rest are pretty awesome looking! (Well, I do have issues with the Wolverine vs Cap teaser as well, but I'll overlook that so that I don't appear too cranky :P)

And NOW, since covers for AvX #1 have also been released, I thought I'd add them in along with the cover for #0...Check out Scarlet Witch & Hope Summers (not dueling each other) on the cover of issue #0 (that releases in March, commencing the whole event). Pity that big-ass title covers all that gorgeous sketch art! Hence the cover without titles is below as well...

AvX #1 features the (pretty common superhero-team pose) of the Avengers going head-to-head against the X-Men. I'm loving the variant of Captain America vs Cyclops a lot more though! I think it's a much better match-up than what they had for both characters in their respective teasers...

Watch this space for more AvX teasers (if any) & cover art!


  1. Intense. I must have missed something. Why is colossus in Juggernaut armor?

    1. Well in Fear Itself, Juggernaut became Kuurth: Breaker of Stone. Colossus bargains with Cytorrak to gain Juggernaut's powers so he can stand against Kuurth...


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