Sunday, 30 September 2012

X-Factor! The Dragon*Con 2012 Fiery Cosplay!

So this year Dragon*Con took place during the US Labor weekend (August 31- September 3) & like last year, I bring to you yet another motley cosplaying crew! I must say though, I was slightly let down with the fact that there didn't seem to be as many X-costumes as last year...No steampunk X-Men group, no Box X-Men. But do not despair X-fans! If this New X-Men Jean Grey cosplay (right>) is any indication, the costumes that you're about to check out below are bound to please...

Rogue & Gambit
What I loved this time around is that many didn't just settle for the typical yellow-&-green duds (that I'm sorta bored of seeing in cosplay now). Love ALL the variations! That Uncanny X-Men Rogue in #16 is amazing & it's a pity I wasn't able to get a full length image of hers. If anyone does, do let me know...
^#2, 5, 12, 13- Rogue's current costume
#3 & 4- Hooded Rogue! (my personal fave costume of Rogue's)
#12- Rogue with gender bending Gambit.   

Deadpool cosplayers are a given at any Con & it's always a delight to see what goofs they'll bring to their costumes each time!
^#7 & 8- Steampunk Deadpool.

New X-Men & Mutants- Pixie, X-23, Magik & Dani Moonstar
Good to see Magik & Dani Moonstar cosplays cos you don't see those two cosplayed enough!
^#5- X-23 with Punisher;  #6- X-23 with Domino & Deadpool  
#8- Magik with Kitty Pryde in her Sprite costume.

Psylocke/Betsy Braddock
Let me just say right now- #3 (& 4) Psylocke is probably THE best I've seen! And that psi-katana! OMG!
^#1- X-Force Psylocke
#5- Yaya Han's Psylocke with Jean Grey & Rogue 
#6- Betsy Braddock's first superhero costume ever (seen here with her bro Captain Britain).

Jean Grey/Phoenix & Cyclops
Just gotta mention here that the cosplayer in #6- 8 donning Phoenix's New X-Men costume is really gutsy! AND she's really pulled off the costume so well!
^#1, 4, 9, 11, 12- Dark Phoenix
#2 (& 3)- classic (or TAS) Jean Grey;   #8- X-Factor Jean
#14- Classic, X-Men First Class (comic) & X-Factor Cyclopses & Jeans with Magneto   
#15- Gender bender X-Factor Cyclops.

^#1, 2, 3, 6 & 8- Movie Wolverine (#8 is with Goku)
#4-5 Gender bender Wolvie;   #7- Tan & Brown Wolverine

^#2- Mohawk Storm!;   #3- Movie Storm & Woverine

The X-Men Rogues Gallery
A fantastic Movie Mystique (#7), a gender bender Juggernaut cosplay that looks more awesome than most male Juggy cosplayers I've seen (#10) & a brilliant Lady Deathstrike (#11), amongst others!

^#1-2 Magneto;  #3-4 Scarlet Witch;  #5- Quicksilver.
#6- Classic Mystique   
#8- Steampunk Mystique, in #9 steampunk Blindfold accompanies her.
#12-13 Sabretooth;   #14- Gender bender Sabretooth
#15- Movie Sebastian Shaw

Emma Frost
The Avengers vs X-Men Marvel even just started this year in April so it's really awesome to see some cosplayers already starting to delve into creating AvX costumes! The Phoenix 5 Emma Frost cosplay in #3 (& 4) is just brilliantly sexy & everything we could wish for! On a side note, you can appreciate what #7 (& 8) has gone through to get the whole diamond look down.
^#2- is with Joker;  

In #7, they've basically recreated the cover which had Northstar marrying his boyfriend Kyle Jinadu quite recently. But there's an interesting story behind this photo as well- these guys have been together for 20 years took the opportunity to get married in front of a large group of cosplaying witnesses.
^Bishop, Colossus (with DC's Aqualad), Rogue stealing Colossus power, Jubilee, Polaris, Black Queen, Domino & Deadpool (& X-23); Gender bender Wolverine & Sabretooth.

Group Photos
^#1- Cyclops, Storm, Rogue, Bishop & Gambit.
#2- Gambit gender bender, Colossus & Rogue
#3- Nightcrawler  gender bender & Gambit flanked by models.
#4- Uncanny X-Men Rogue & Psylocke with Deadpool.
#5- X-Factor Jean Grey & Cyclops with Nightcrawler.
#6- Storm, Gladiator, Japan Wolverine & Mariko Yashida
#8- Deadpool, Banshee, Gambit, Rogue, Nightcrawler, Blade, Wolverine, Jubilee, & Sebastian Shaw. (Don't know who the skull face & blue-black suit guys are supposed to be)
#9- Rogue, Emma Frost & Cyclops.

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