Sunday, 1 January 2012

XD Happy New Year X-fans!

Heyy there all you X-Men fans! Here's wishing all of you a very Happy & Prosperous New Year 2012! I was continuing on my quest to find some good Christmassy X-Men pictures & managed to find this gem- a Wolverine snowflake! (Never thought you'd see both those words in the same sentence did ya?? :P )
Now is the time to make your list of resolutions (that you may or may not keep) or simply not decide to at all & take the Year 2012 as it comes! But this year the X-Men decided to make some New Year resolutions of their own & I've taken it upon myself to share 'em with you guys! :P

To stay in touch with all my friends & family...
(< Gorgeous artwork by an artist who will be revealed in an Xalt post later on my blog!)

Continue to use my magnetic personality to get more mutants to my cause of a Mutant Utopia!

Make efforts to see that sadness, sorrow & troubles remain intangible to my fellow X-Men. (Kitty on the X-Men #143 [X-Mas] cover >)

Ensure dark clouds don't follow any of my near & dear ones.

Strive to be the best there is at what I do. And what I now do is be Principal at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning! (< Logan as Santa Claws on Wolverine #49 :P )

Light up the world wherever the world needs lighting! :D

Emma Frost
Continue saving on my expenses of cloth material whenever I may decide to make a costume change! (X-Men #165 >)

Always keep an eye out for my Blue Team. Or mebbe I should be doing that for Wolverine's Gold Team, if ya know what I mean...

Keeping cool when things turn hot under the collar. (< A cool panel from Wolverine & the X-Men #2)

In keeping with what my comrade Bobby Drake had to say, I would like my animal instincts not get the best of me when times get tough...

I resolve to never make any resolutions. AT ALL. So don't dare asking me next year either! (Friggin AMAZING art by J P Helms! >)

So what are your resolutions for the Year 2012? Let me know in the comments! And have fun & safe New Year!


  1. Sounds like an excellent set of goals!

  2. That's the same thing I told them when they informed me about them! LOL ;P


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