Monday, 12 December 2011

Xcite! All the Concept Art for X2 in one post!

I'm sure you guys have already checked out the X-Men First Class concept art in my JUMBO post earlier. So I thought, "Hey why not do a post for the concept art for each of the other X-movies?!"

Then off I was, scouring the Net for all the X-concept art I could find! After creating polls on the X-Men, Comic Book Nerds Are Hot & Xavier's School for The Gifted Facebook groups & this is how the X-fans in all those 3 groups together voted:
X2- (A WHOPPING) 20!
X3- 8
X-Men- 5
X-Men Origins: Wolverine- 0
Just goes to show that most X-fans love X2 the most from the pre-XFC X-movies & would want to have absolutely nothing to do with X-Men Origins: Wolverine! Not a surprise really cos those are exactly my sentiments too...

And so it's been decided- concept art for X2 comes to you first!
Now unlike how I posted the art for XFC according to the characters, this time the art is according to the artist (you can click on their names to head on over to their sites). Oh, & you're not gonna just get concept art- no, no, you'll ALSO be getting Behind The Scenes looks at the costumes from X2 too! So buckle up & get ready for a blast from the past!

Concept art

Mark Goerner
Mark gives us concepts for Magneto's plastic prison (1), Stryker's containment area (2), Alkali Lake Dam areas (3-4), the Mansion raid (5-6) & the various areas of Stryker's base (7-15). 8, 11 & 14 are actual set photos to compare with the art that is before them...

Nathan Schroeder
Some amazing artwork for the X-Jet (1-12), Cerebro (13) & Stryker's Base (14-21)...

James Oxford
Though some of his Nightcrawler concepts (1-5) made me cringe a bit (probably because some are nudes & some feature some sorta white skin/body war paint), his Rogue (16) is so HOT!!! Where was that Rogue in the original trilogy?! Also check out Magneto & his escape (6-8), Cyclops- 10, Jean Grey- 11, Wolverine- 12, Storm (13-14), Jason Stryker/Mutant 143- 15, Prof X- 17, Lady Deathstrike- 18.

Jean-Francois Mignault
AWESOME concepts for Lady Deathstrike & Nightcrawler here...

Eric Rosenberg
1- The X2 logo that was used during production
2- Picture featuring various concepts for anti-mutant posters.

Guy Hendrix Dyas
Now this guy was the Production Designer for X2 but he's also done loads of concept art for the movie. However, it's not been easy to try & get em & I've only managed to get 1! :( As soon as I do get the rest they'll be up here...Below is his concept for Stryker's base.


Jose Fernandez
Jose's Magneto & Wolverine (2-8)

So that was the X2 concept art post for ya! Watch this space as I update more artworks from more artists as I come across em...And stay tuned for similar posts on the 3 other remaining X-movies!
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