Thursday, 1 December 2011

Xalt! X-Men Gender-bender artwork!

Ever so often we come across some awesome X-Men fan art by some great artists...And that's what Xalt is gonna be all about! It may include artwork by well-known comic book artists or by unknown talented artists.

Today I bring to you Timberoo's X-Men gender-bender artwork! If you find the term gender-bender unfamiliar, you'll find some live costume examples in my Dragon*Con 2011 cosplay post!

I've posted the best of the artwork below...

^Gambit, Cable, "John Grey" (Jean Grey), Zero
Deathstrike, Angel, "Emmett Frost" (Emma Frost), Toad
Wolverine, Domino, "Icegirl" (Iceman), Colossus
Stepford Cuckoos, Chamber, Warpath, Shatterstar
Legion, Frenzy, Shadowcat+Lockheed, Cannonball
Husk, "Natalie Grey/X-Woman" (Nate Grey/X-Man), Elixir, Surge
Xorn, Danger, Transonic, Wither

There's a whole load more where these came from! Check out Timberoo's DeviantArt page! But be warned...some of the gender swaps can be a tad too disturbing... :P

Tell me if ya loved this Xalt section on the blog & what or whose artwork you'd like to see!

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