Monday, 14 November 2011

Xstatic! I'm back!

Well it took me long enough to get back, didn't it?! I know I said in my last post that it would only take 2 weeks & it ultimately took me a month to get a new hard disk for my computer! (Don't ask lol!)

 Forgive me for that but fear no more- cos new posts are coming your way:
*Loads of cosplay pics to feast your eyes on: From Dragon*Con 2011, NYCC 2011 & FanExpo Canada 2011
*NYCC 2011 updates (it's quite late for it yes, but I did promise you I'd provide you with 'em before this whole fiasco!)
*The Wolverine movie updates that happened in the whole last month (if you don't know, trust me- there's gonna be a good amount of fodder to chew in this one...)
*X-Men First Class sequel updates
And a lot more...
^Shadowcat seems genuinely pleased to know that All Things X is gonna be on a roll soon!

 So stay tuned, do follow the blog via the "Join this Site" button on the right & get ready for a whole lotta updates from the world of the X-Men!

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