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Xcavate: What went down at the NYCC 2011...

Well I know it's late- it's been more than a month now since all this was announced (no thanks to my computer's hard disk failing)...but what the hell- I promised you the news so you get it! :P To read more on the developments of your other Marvel heroes head onto the Marvel NYCC 2011 Liveblog Central...


On the comics news front I think it would be all a little stale...

 The Ultimate Comics Universe Reborn Panel discussed mostly about Ultimate Spidey (what with all the hype around Miles Morales, this isn't surprising) & the only thing touched upon with regards to the  Ultimate X-Men was that:
*Ultimate Comics Hawkeye books will act as a link between what occurs in The Ultimates and Ultimate X-Men.

*With the Fantastic 4's Johnny Storm making his entrance in the UXM, it brings up the question about what is a mutant. But the fiery Johnny is doing well with the Ultimate X-Men & he & Bobby (Iceman) have become buddies...

The Cup O' Joe Panel was more forthcoming though (as always) & made some pretty cool X-announcements:

*Jeph Loeb & Simone Bianchi, will be resurrecting Sabretooth after writing his death years ago. Apparently there always intended to be more story- the stage had been set for Sabretooth’s return all along & it's not a last minute rewrite. You get your first look in Wolverine #300.

*The “It’s Coming” teaser that I told you guys about before has got all us X-fans excited (well, at least us Jean Grey fans anyway) cos it seems hint at the return of the Phoenix! 
*Lotsa clues for this & other future storylines are being revealed this month in Point One.  

The one comics panel that had A LOT of X-news to offer was the X-Men Regenesis Panel! It has SO much info packed in it but I'll just serve some of the interesting tidbits though:
*A mind-wiped Sebastian Shaw enters Generation Hope (#15)

*In Wolverine & The X-Men, Logan starts the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning where he's Principal (I found this unbelievable when I first read this!). The new Westchester mansion has a new Danger room, new classes & newer characters.

*Wolverine & The X-Men Omega sees Wolverine face off with Quentin Quire.
*Rogue goes off to the East Coast with Wolverine...So what happens between her & Magneto? Gambit enters to further complicate things!

*Havok & Polaris return from outer space in X-Factor!

*Uncanny X-Force will tell the Dark Angel saga which will result in a new ongoing series from March 2012- Age of Apocaplypse!
*In Daken: Dark Wolverine Daken moves to LA to become a crime kingpin out there...Runaways guest-star.
*Deadpool finds a way to kill himself (in 2012)...

*Chamber gets his powers back...

Instead of elaborating about the Marvel Video Games Panel, I think I'll just let the trailers do the talking...Note I've posted the updated trailers for some of the games rather than the dated ones shown at the NYCC '11...

Marvel Super Hero Squad: The Infinity Gauntlet

Super Hero Squad: Comic Combat 

Super Hero Squad Online

Marvel Pinball: Vengeance and Virtue
 Below is the trailer for the X-Men Marvel Pinball table...

Marvel Universe
MMMSociety has revealed your first look at your fave Marvel characters in this MMO game! Check out Wolverine, Deadpool & Cable below...Stay tuned for more images as more X-characters are revealed!

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

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