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Xcite! The Dragon*Con 2011 COLOSSAL Cosplay Post!

If you thought that my previous cosplay post was big then this one is most definitely COLOSSAL! I think the Dragon*Con will be the Comic Con to watch out for each year for the awesome varied costumers it manages to attract...

What's the Dragon*Con you ask? Founded in 1987, it's a multigenre convention held each year in Atlanta, Georgia. This year it took place from September 2-5, witnessing about 46,000 attendees. Check out the cosplay collection below (arranged character-wise) & decide which are your faves. Be warned- some of the pics are quite steamy... :P

Weapon-Xers- Wolverine, X-23, Deadpool
^1- X-Men Origins Wolverine costume (a simple but nicely put together costume along with an almost uncanny resemblance to Hugh Jackman makes this guy the winner imho from these!) 2- Patch Wolverine (props for giving us something different), 3- Civilian Wolvie, 4-5 - More movie versions.

^3 & 5-7 feature X-23's X-Factor costume. The remaining are with generic/her leather costume. But it's #2 who wins in my book...

< #6 (& 7) Deadpool FTW! 
^1 & 4- Astonishing X-Men Cyke, 2 & 5 depict his classic costumes (5 is with Phoenix of course), 3- Ultimate Cyclops (who wins this round as well), 6- Movie Cyke if he hadn't died :P

Cykes' family- wives Jean Grey(Phoenix/Dark Phoenix) & Madelyn Pryor, son Stryfe & bro Havok
^1- White Phoenix, 2- Dark Phoenix, 3- Classic Jean Grey, 4-6- Phoenix. It's SO hard to choose a clear winner here! So #3 comes in 1st place & #1, 2 & 5 ALL tie for 2nd! BTW #1 & 4 is talented cosplayer Kearstin Nicholson

^An AWESOME Goblin Queen, Stryfe & Havok

 Cyke's current arm candy, Emma Frost
^Another toughie here! !st place goes to #4 (who's also seen in #9), 2nd place is for #5 & #1 is on 3rd.

Beast & Storm
^1-X-Men First Class Hank McCoy, 2- Beast's New X-Men costume, 3- Storm's (first) Giant Size X-Men costume, 2- Is a cool spin on that costume (& she's the winner in the 'Ro costumes!), 3- Movie Storm.

Rogue & Gambit
^Real tough to choose the winning Rogue! 1st goes to #5, #4 is 2nd (she happens to be my FB friend- Hannah Lees!), 3rd goes to #3 simply for going with Rogue's a good X-Treme X-Men costume (I'd frankly like to see different Rogue's costumes besides the ever-popular yellow-&-green...
Great Gambits too! But #2 wins for pulling off the whole look to the T. #1 features Hannah & her man Josh Kent as Rogue & Gambit (awww) with Ms. Marvel (props to Hannah & Josh for the glowing belt buckle & cards- that was AWESOME you guys!!)

The Brotherhood- Magneto, Pyro & Mystique
^#2 Magneto wins hands down. A pretty cool Pyro costume too! Love seeing different characters like these other than the usual staple...

^#1-Original movie trilogy Mystique (this has gotta be THE BEST movie Mystique I've EVER seen! She wins!), 2- X-Men First Class Mystique, 3-Mystique's classic costume.

Scarlet Witch
^#3 Wanda FTW! And she once again happens to be Kearstin Nicholson! She's damn good at this!

^#1-3 & 5- wear Psylocke's most popular (Uncanny X-Men) costume, #4 wins with a nicely done variation & #5 who has Psylocke's first Uncanny costume gets props for going different!

New Mutants, Pixie & Warlock
^#3 Pixie (Amanda Finley) wins! And Warlock wins for being SO amazing!

Bishop, Domino, Fantomex, Northstar, Cloak & Dagger, Surge
Jubilee, Dazzler, Colossus, Shadowcat
^#1 Jubes wins & I can't decide which Shadowcat is better so they both win! lol

Speaking of gender-benders...Here is a female Wolverine, an Angel gender-bender, Lady Deadpool, & a female Gambit!
^Technically Lady Deadpool isn't a gender-bender cos she is part of the Deadpool Corps...Love Female Angel the best amongst these 4...

The Dragon*Con Parade! This awesome Parade of costumed superheroes, movie & TV characters, etc was started in 2002 through downtown Atlanta. A true sight to behold...

During this year's parade, the Atlantians encountered:  

The Box-Heroes
And The Steampunk X-Men
Err, yes, these are the "steamy" pics I was talking about earlier! Booyah! :P If you have no clue as to what steampunk really is, I'll let Wikipedia do the explaining. :)
^2-3 Prof X, 4- Wolverine, 5-6- Deadpool, 7- Emma Frost, 8- Scarlet Witch, 9- Jubilee, 10-11- Magneto, 11-Mystique, 12- Mystique & Blindfold, 13- Mystique & X-Men First Class kid Mystique, 14- Phoenix, 15-17 (an AWESOME) Pixie, 17- Rogue, 19- Steampunk+Daft Punk Prof X. #18 is Blindfold but I have absolutely no idea who the other steampunk X-Man is...Any ideas...?

Group Photos
^#1- Dark Phoenix & Frost (never thought you'd see this ever, did ya?), #4- Movie Sabretooth, Cyclops, Wolverine & Lady Deathstrike, #5- A cool family portrait :P

I'll round up this post with this "Really really really long Dragon*Con 2011" video...Check it out & experience the Dragon*Con 2011!

So there you have it! That was my COLOSSAL cosplay post for the Dragon*Con '11...Hope you guys enjoyed it. Do comment on what are your fave costumes from these!

This post wouldn't have been as interesting if not for my several sources:
*Eurobeat Kasumi Photography
*Fanboy Confidential 
*Flickr: timacx, leepus, rogerchang
If your picture has been posted here & you have not been credited, comment below or email me.

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