Friday, 9 September 2011

Xstatic! X-Men First Class movie gets it's own comic book!

LOADS of First Class hype rising just at the point of the movie's DVD/Bluray release today!

First all the updates I posted about in my last post & now this! Just saw a new cover for a X-Men First Class movie-tie in comic! Check out the cover for the first issue on the right.

Yup! I said "first" issue!! From the cover it seems that this isn't gonna be a one-shot. Also it doesn't appear to simply be an adaptation of the movie (like was released for X1 & X2, I'm not sure about X3 & X-Men Origins:Wolverine) but rather another chapter in the whole First Class saga.

In X-Men First Class: The High Hand #1, you'll learn "more about the Hellfire Club from "X-Men: First Class." So this first issue will be more like a prequel to the prequel movie :P When you buy the X-Men First Class Bluray you'll also be getting cool X-Men comics via Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited, including X-Men First Class: The High Hand #1 along with 9 other comics including Uncanny X-Men #389.

Now let's go onto X-Men First Class sequel news! X-movies producer Lauren Shuler Donner has been giving loads of sound bytes lately, because of the DD/Bluray release, about the status on the X-movies. This is what she had to say on the XFC sequels:
  • Since the making of First Class was just as tiring a process as it was rewarding to the entire team, they took some time off, but have now regrouped & are in serious talks for a sequel.
  • She doesn't feel pigeon-holed due to the previous X-films or feel pressure in ending the prequel films to where the original trilogy started. Their main aim is to come up with a great story. If it does tie in nicely with where 2000's X-Men began then that's great, but the story is going to be of prime importance to them.
  • Confirmed that the next sequel would most probably be set in the 70s.

With regards to an X4 & X5, which she herself has teased us about before, she's now stated that there could be an X4, but they "don’t want to saturate the market". Since First Class was such a roaring success they will most probably go ahead with a First Class sequel. She's also candidly stated that she "wasn’t too pleased with those movies (X3 & X-Men Origins:Wolverine). We just wanted to make something that was a fan-pleaser. There are many elements that go into making a movie, and not all of them came together. Two thumbs up to her for going ahead with First Class for sure rather than an X4 too & for fessing up! :)

Now wotchya waitin for?!? Order your X-Men First Class DVD or Bluray today right here!

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