Saturday, 3 September 2011

Xstatic! The X-Men First Class DVD/Bluray Jumbo Post!

Similar to how there was LOADS of content exploding all over the Net before the film's release, A LOT of stuff has been popping up everywhere in time for the September 9 release of the X-Men First Class DVD & Bluray! From Behind the Scenes pictures to deleted/extended videos AND a "Making of" video showing the strenuous process that Jennifer Lawrence had to go through for the Mystique makeup! And yes, this IS a jumbo post cos I'm gonna pack ALL THAT in this! :D

Behind the Scenes Images
Check out all the gallery below for all the BTS action! Thanks to SupereroHype Forums for these!

Deleted/Extended Scenes

^ Plan Sebastian Shaw (extended scene)

^ Charles & Eric recruiting Angel (extended scene) (I always wondered how come only Erik shows off his powers while Charles doesn't. It all makes sense now :P)

Check out the remaining vids at StarkIndustries while they are still up & running! The other vids are:
  • Eric in the Argentine airport
  • Sebastian Shaw with Cuban generals
  • Meeting Moira & Charles, Pts 1 & 2
  • Russian truck (extended scene)
  • Eric against Soviet soldiers (extended scene) -Part of which was seen in the movie trailers but missing from the movie itself :'(
  • Training Havoc, Pts 1 & 2 (extended scenes)
  • Training Banshee, Pts 1 & 2 (extended scenes)
  • Hank & Raven in the lab (Advanced Stage)

Making of: Mystique's makeup!

3D X-Men First Class photos
Now this isn't part of the DVD/Bluray but check out these rad 3D photos of X-Men First Class! And the trailer after them is an experimental 3D video. All have been created by XMF3D! Of course, the standard cyan & red 3D glasses are imperative to truly enjoy these...

UPDATE (08/09):
So the DVD & Bluray releases tomorrow & there's still some last-minute sneak peeks popping up over the Net. First up, the DVD/Bluray covers for the Brazil release via LivrariaSaraiva & for the International release via ComicBookMovie:

We do know about that slew of Behind the Scenes videos that were being released before the movie's release, but apparently the DVD/Bluray contain new BTS footage with new insights from the whole crew. Below is the VFX segment of the BTS footage, head onto Youtube & watch the remaining 7 videos.

Then a snippet from the Bluray BTS has also been released by Marvel. It's about the conception of the movie's end credits sequence:

Some other good X-Men First Class news, it's leading the Scream Awards nominations with whopping 13 nominations with only Harry Potter 8 surpassing it with 14! The following are the categories for which X-Men First Class has been nominated:
  • The Ultimate Scream
  • Best Fantasy Movie
  • Best Director
  • Best Scream-play (screenplay)
  • Best Fantasy Actress (Jennifer Lawrence, Mystique)
  • Best Fantasy Actor (Michael Fassbender, Erik Lensherr aka Magneto AND James Mcavoy, Professor X) My vote undoubtedly went to the Fass!
  • Best Villain (Kevin Bacon, Sebastian Shaw)
  • Best Superhero (James Mcavoy, Professor X)
  • Breakout Performance- Female (Zoe Kravitz, Angel)
  • Breakout Performance- Male (Michael Fassbender, Erik Lensherr aka Magneto)
  • Best Cameo (Hugh Jackman, Wolverine)
  • Best Ensemble
  • Best Comic Book Movie
Fly over to the Scream Awards & get voting...I voted all in favor of XFC except for the Best Villain (had to be Red Skull), Best Superhero (compared to Thor, Professor X is mehh :P) & Breakout Performance- Female (Sif FTW!)...

And lastly I end with a cool video that IGN has created about the screwd up timeline in the X-movies. Enjoy!

Excited?? Pre-order your X-Men First Class DVD or Bluray today right here!
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