Friday, 16 September 2011

Xstatic! X-Men First Class debuts at #1 on home video sales charts!

Yup! X-Men First Class is working it's mutant magic via DVD & Bluray sales as well!

First off the latest update on the XFC BO figures from last time is:
*Total Domestic Gross= $146,369,110 (as of 14/9)
*Total Foreign Gross = $206,208,385 (as of 29/8) -This is STILL not an accurate estimate cos India, Hungary, Kuwait, Poland, Slovakia & Ethiopia have their estimates for only upto June at BoxOfficeMojo.

Now onto the home video sales! The X-Men First Class DVD & Bluray was released in the US on Sept 9 & debuted on the charts at numero uno! HollywoodReporter reported that XFC outdid their closest competitor, Hanna by a margin of more than 4 to 1 DVDs & 5 to 1 Blurays sold! You can check out the current state of DVD affairs via Nielsen.
^Fox releases X-Men: The Ultimate Collection later this month in Brazil containing Blurays of the 5 X-films, 4 more blurays & a DVD extra!

As for rentals, apparently all Fox, Universal & WB titles have been held back from Netflix & Redbox for 28 days, so none of their movies have hit the rental charts yet. You can scan HomeMediaMagazine's DVD, Bluray & Rental charts...

Check out another extended scene from the DVD/Bluray that has been officially released:

Lastly, get a load of this cool 3D projection that was created on a Los Angeles building as part of the promotions for the XFC DVD & Bluray!

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