Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Xcite! X-Men Destiny's out!

Yup so the latest X-game finally released yesterday but not before some more goodies appeared online to get the fans out clamoring for the game. Some new screenshots & vids for you guys in this post...

Serving you up with some MAJOR kickassery via the screens below! New shots of Aimi & Adrian in action below!

Now get a good look at the alternate costumes inspired by Wolverine, Juggernaut, Surge & Toad respectively!

And lastly here's the vids...

All the above images & videos are courtesy HeroHQ.

Excited?? Order X-Men Destiny from right here for the PS3/Xbox 360 & you'll unlock Emma Frost Suits for your 3 main characters:
Check the suits in action in the video below:
^Snazzy eh? Click the suitable link below to order:

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