Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Xcite! X-Men Destiny releases in 7 days!

Just a week left till the September 27 release of the X-Men Destiny game! So I've got loads of visual gaming goodness to gawk at in this post: new screenshots! New wallpapers!! AND 2 behind the scenes trailers for the game!!! Enjoy!

Get a load of the new screens below! Some new looks at Juggernaut, Cyclops & a Sentinel in action!

And now behold the character wallpapers! :D (All in a 1280x960 resolution)

Lastly, the BTS trailers released for X-Men Destiny. The 2nd one is BTS with Stan Lee.

Excited?? If you pre-order X-Men Destiny from right here for the PS3/Xbox 360, you'll unlock Emma Frost Suits for your 3 main characters:

Check the suits in action in the video below:

^Snazzy eh? Click the suitable link below to order:
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