Saturday, 24 September 2011

Xasperate! A longer wait for The Wolverine...And Deadpool.

Quite a few tidbits coming out about the Wolverine movie, & none of them are good in my opinion...

First it was revealed that despite Hugh Jackman stating that the production is gonna commence in October, it will most probably be postponed to a spring 2012 start after Jackman finishes his stint on Les Miserables. So expect a 2013 release :'( At the time the only reason stated was that the conditions in Japan were preventing them from shooting there sooner. SO now they are apparently scouting for locations in Canada.

^With delays like this, you're damn right Wolverine would be pissed! :P

Soon after that the 2nd reason for the delay was announced- Mark Bomback (Unstoppable, Live Free or Die Hard), has been called in for rewrites to the Christopher McQuarrie script.

Then about the Naturi Naughton casting rumor...Apparently it ain't just a rumor! She's said that she just needs the paperwork & the official word from Fox that she's in!

And then came this- (CAUTION: Take the following with a BUCKET of salt :P ) Israeli singer, model, actress Sarai Givaty auditioned for a role in The Wolverine as a sexy huntress! And it's claimed that she's already passed two auditions & her next audition will be with The Wolverine director James Mangold himself.

Finally, a soundbyte from Logan himself...Yup, Hugh Jackman said a few words on the status of the movie while he was at the UK premiere for his latest movie Real Steel...

Watch this space for any other updates on the movie just in case Jackman decides to open up a bit more during his Real Steel promotion run.

UPDATE (04/10): Hugh Jackman once again provides a (very promising) update about The Wolverine's status! Mark Bomback has made the necessary tweaks to the original Christopher McQuarrie script (the one that 1st director attached to the project, Darren Aronofsky, would've used). Note that I've said "tweaks" cos Jackman assures that the current script is 85% of the McQuarrie one (trust me- a VERY good thing)! Bottomline: The script is done! According to Hugh, it keeps the main essence of the Aronofsky/McQuarrie version & is as strong if not stronger than it. However there's still a long wait before the production begins as Hugh is gonna next work on Les Miserables & only then will commence filming for The Wolverine in spring 2012... *sigh*

Another new sorta related tidbit- Hugh admitted in an interview with Cover Media that he's "a little bit Wolverine-y. I haven’t got a temper but if you hit me in the face anywhere, I can go into a blind rage. Just a warning!" So now we know the secret to Mr. Jackman's success at playing Wolverine lol!
< Hugh at the Toronto premiere of Real Steel

With all his Real Steel promotions you may still get some more updates (some casting news please?? :P ) in the days to come- right here, same place.

When X-movies producer Lauren Shuler Donner was asked about whether the Deadpool movie is happening or not, she confirmed that it can still happen as they are trying to move it forward. Director Tim Miller is currently working on the film’s aesthetic & in the next few months they'll be presenting some of their concepts to Fox. Lauren's keen for the movie to be R-rated, which is how it should be actually! Heck, even the next Wolverine movie should be R-rated too!

On whether she has any reservations about Ryan Reynolds continuing to play Deadpool after his stint on the Box Office flop Green Lantern she replied that it didn't bother her & she couldn't see anyone else fill Wade Wilson's shoes...Here's another nice interview Lauren did at the time...
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