Monday, 8 August 2011

Xpose! Wolverine & X-Men Anime Screens & Concept Art!

For those of you getting a wee bit bogged down by all my SDCC 2011 news & are more eager for some news on the anime shows- be pissed no more! Cos this post happens to be a screenshot & concept art bonanza for both the Wolverine Anime & X-Men Anime shows!

First off, Wolverine anime- it's what is currently on in the US on G4. Check out the latest screens & concept art released by Marvel!
^Wolverine in action, Yukio featured in the last 2 images. Who is Yukio, you ask? Get a quick answer from this post.

^Wolverine concept art! I know the watermarks are a real bitch here but beggars can't be choosers! LOL

^Art & screens of Shingen's mansion. Dunno who's Shingen? Check this post for a little basic info on the characters.

And now some Wolverine anime wallpapers (1280x1024) that I've created using some cool screens I found while scouring the Net!
And why leave out the Wolverine anime villains?? They deserve their own wallpapers too!
^(l-r) 1 & 2 are of Omega Red, 3 is him doing damage on Wolverine with his tentacles & last is Mariko (the love of Logan's Jap life) with her up-to-no-good father Shingen.
Omega Red was a Russian serial killer before he was captured by the KGB that performed Super Soldier (Captain America) experimentation on him.
Wolverine is about to show Vadhaka who's boss! >

For some great insights into the conception & making of both, the Iron Man and Wolverine Anime shows, you'll can also read this interview with Megan Thomas Bradner- Marvel TV's Manager of Development & Production for Marvel TV, & Associate Producer for both shows...

UPDATE (29/08/12): The X-Men anime DVD was released in April while the Wolverine anime got its DVD release in July. Below is the cover art for both of them followed by the DVD trailers for each:

Marvel released some more official wallpapers for the Blade & Wolverine animes on account of the DVD release. You can download the Blade walls here, the Wolvie ones are below:


Now onto the much-awaited X-Men Anime series! Loads of screenshots, wallpapers, concept art for you guys out here! Plus your first look at Emma Frost in the series!I'll start off with the screens from Marvel:

^Cyclops, Wolverine & Storm concept art

^Beast, Professor X & Hisako Ichiki's (aka Armor) concept art

Now time to bring on the X-Men Anime wallpapers I made! Hope you like em!
^Emma Frost rocking civilian clothes & her quintessentially sexy X-costume! That last one would've been picture-perfect if it was Jean standing at the left instead of Armor! :P

No news yet on when the series will air in English on G4 in the US, but for now you guys can enjoy it's opening theme video, just like you'll did for the Wolverine & Iron Man anime shows before! This is the Japanese version, but I gotta admit the music seems pretty awesome!

And this ain't gonna be the last post for awesome Marvel Anime downloads like these! Look out for more out here in the future...Sound off in the comments if you liked the wallpapers or if you feel you'll deserve better! :P

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