Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Xcite! SDCC 2011 Cosplay Cornucopia!

I'm almost coming to the end of my SDCC 2011 updates- this will be my second last SDCC-related post! But you guys are gonna love it!
^The winner of the Marvel cosplay SDCC 2011 was the above group of six cosplayers that include Gambit, Rogue, Shadowcat (& her pet alien dragon Lockheed) & Emma Frost (with Ms. Marvel & Nick Fury) !

It's the entire (highlights of the) SDCC 2011 X-cosplay! :D I'm posting 'em character-wise & putting my vote against the best one for each group. Do sound off in the comments with your faves!

^#3 is the best out here imo! But props to all the others for their use of typical Deadpool humor! LOL

^#1- Classic Wolverine, #2 & 7- X-Men Origins Wolverine & X-Men movies respectively, #3- A strange but cool mix of Wolverine & Star Wars' Boba Fett!, #4 & 6 are X-Force Wolverine & #5- Weapon X Wolverine...My vote goes to #6! It would've been #7 if not for that horrible hair! LOL

Wolverine's offspring, well, his son & clone :P Daken & X-23
^Amongst the X-23 cosplayers it's gotta be #2! And X-23 #2 & Wolverine #4 are seen in that last pic!

The pains in Logan's side- Lady Deathstrike, Mystique & Cyclops
^Lady Deathstrike cosplayer FTW!!! Mystique one sucks so badly! But I had to include her in cos I heart Mystique! :P And Cyke? Well, I didn't find any better...

Phoenix/ Dark Phoenix/ Jean Grey/ Marvel Girl
^#4 wins! And I had to include another pic of her cos she looks so awesome in it!

Father & daughter- Magneto & Scarlet Witch
^For Magneto it's gotta be #2! For Scarlet Witch it's REAL a tough call on #1 & 3. Draw! :P

The main character all you guys were waiting for...Emma Frost
^I was actually with #3 winning this, but then I found #5 & it became hard to decide. Draw here too, but #5 gets props for the makeup & overall body glitter (to simulate diamonds). Frost cosplayers oughta stick with the skirt apparently! :P Btw Frost is flanking Mimic in #7.

Domino, Firestar, Gambit
^All these costumes are great! It's really rare to see a Firestar & this one is pretty cool. One of the best Gambits I've seen too...

^#5 wins hands down! But props to #2 & 4 for going with Rogue's Australian Outback outfit & X-Men Evolution (TV show) costume respectively! Something different from the yellow & green!

^#3 wins! Props to #2 for going with Betsy's Uncanny costume!

Wanna see more? Check 'em ALL (non-X & non-Marvel included) out at Marvel & ComicVine! Next: Watch out for the SDCC 2011 Wrap-up post on my blog!


  1. Great post! It's fun to see so many fantastic X-men Cosplays all in one place! I noticed that you didn't include any of the cosplayers from the Costume Contest X-men Group in your "Highlights" comparison. Was there a reason for that?

  2. Thanks! And that was the idea behind the post so glad you appreciate it! Well, I searched high & low for the winners' solo pics but to no avail so that's why... :) If you manage to get em mail me & I'll include em in this post...
    Oh & if you love the blog do become a follower...you'll get the updates via your email.

  3. Not sure if you are able to see facebook photos (seems like it's always hit or miss depending on if you have facebook or not) but here's some pics of our group from SDCC! We had such a blast!

    X-Men Group

    Here's one of my favorites of Gambit and I since you can actually see his card glowing!

    Gambit and Rogue

    Anyway, I thought you'd enjoy them since this is such a fun X-Men filled post! Have a great day!

  4. WOW!!! These pics are awesome!!! Isn't this of the winning group that day?? Were you part of it? Who did you cosplay as?

    Btw I started following your costume design blog. So you are a costume designer eh? You sketches & photography are all top-notch! And to see my beloved Quin in the welcomng post made my day :D

  5. Yay! Glad you like the pics! This is winning group from Saturday. I was Rogue, my friends and boyfriend were all really excited to participate and made their own costumes. I made Gambit, Ms. Marvel and Rogue and we had such an amazing time roaming the con together. Winning the contest was honestly not expected, we entered for fun and thought we'd get some sweet pictures, so it really was the icing on an already delicious cake for the day.

    Thank you for following my blog! I am hoping to get some fun new updates on it soon! I'm enjoying your blog very much and will continue to follow it! Have a great day!


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