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Xcavate: X-Men First Class, Wolverine 2 & Deadpool Movie News!

So you guys must be wondering- weeks have past & no X-Men First Class Box Office OR even sequel updates from this guy?! Well, SDCC '11 definitely distrcted me with all it's informative goodness, but in this post you can not only get updates for XFC but Wolverine 2 & Deadpool as well!

So whats the BO scene for X-Men First Class? Well, it's reign over Kung Fu Panda 2 & Pirates 4 has ended. X-Men First Class was at the No. 22 spot last week, but this week it has in fact, climbed it's way back to the Top 20 by settling for the No. 20 spot! The following are the quick stats for the movie from BoxOfficeMojo:
*Total Domestic Gross= $145,292,351
*Total Foreign Gross = $203,805,671+ (as of 26/7/11) This is not at all an accurate estimate cos some countries like India, Hungary, Kuwait, Poland, Slovakia & Ethiopia have their estimates calculated for only upto June!
*US BO Weekend takings? I'll let these guys make it easier for me... :P

On the sequel front, no concrete news yet! :( However, in her interview with IGN, Rose Byrne has said that "we all had to sign on for three, I believe. Well, I did anyway. But as of right now I have no idea if they're planning on doing another one. But that was the idea depending on how it all went, I suppose. We'll see though. I loved working on it and loved working with the cast. I loved Matthew Vaughn. I also loved the style. The era and the fashion. And it was kind of kitsch-y and funny. It was a really fun and sophisticated superhero movie. I'm very proud of the film." You'd think with the BO success it's got, Fox would at least be looking at scripts & making an announcement about a sequel! Wonder what's the hold up...
^I decided I needed to do a new cast photo of X-Men First Class that includes Sebastian Shaw & Beast in a waaaay better pose :D

With regards to the X-Men First Class Blu-ray & DVD news, you'll may have already checked out the SUPREMELY AWESOME Team Erik & Team Charles Blu-ray & DVD covers here! Now check out the DVD covers for those who just can't choose between the two! Pretty cool but I'd still rather go for the Team Erik cover! It's just something else- although I'm rather liking cover 1 a lot! The third cover is for the International Rental Exclusive DVD cover, which also looks pretty rad! I'll update a HQ pic for it once I find it!
^The X-Men First Class Blu-ray & DVD will be out Sept 9!

Can't wait?? Pre-order your Blu-ray &/or DVD today!

[Get the LATEST updates on the status of the Wolverine 2 & Deadpool movies out here!]

Now, about Wolverine, I mainly wanted to clear things up. I'd said earlier that Kelly Hu may be appearing as Lady Deathstrike once again, but alas- it's just a rumor. Apparently Hu hasn't been contacted at all about the movie & is not involved (so far). Below you can watch the video of her at the premiere of the movie Commerce back in May, where she denies having any knowledge whatsoever about Wolverine 2's development since she just isn't part of it. T_T

I know! The dejected guy on the Commerce movie poster at the end of the video paints the perfect picture of the turmoil going on in all our fanboy minds LOL!

This is bound to start many more rumors on the cybersphere but now IMDB credits Inception's Ken Watanabe as part of the "cast" playing the role of a certain Wilson Jones Jong! Of course they also have shamelessly still left Hu on the cast list there, so take this news with a BUCKET of salt LOL! Searching the Net for this Mr. Jong brings up absolutely no results for any character in the X-universe.
If Watanabe IS in fact part of the cast, then most probably he might play Silver Samurai (who has been officially announced as the villain for Wolverine 2)! He'd be great as him AND he's already acted as a Samurai in 2003's The Last Samurai (Check right >)! Frankly I think he'd make a great Shingen too if they feel he doesn't suit the bill for Silver Samurai...

Better Wolverine news- in a survey conducted by LOVEFiLM (you know, the same guys that conducted this poll?), have conducted yet another survey asking about 3,000 people what would be their top favorite superhero power. Now you would at once roll your eyes & say "of course they all chose Superman!" but noooooo! They chose Wolverine! With his retractable claws, heightened senses AND quick healing the good ol' Canucklehead came up tops with 22% of the votes. Professor X almost made it to the top with 21% of the votes. Superman came third with 15% votes. The top 10 superhero powers were:
1. Accelerated healing - Wolverine (22%)
2. Telepathy - Professor X (21%)
3. Flight - Superman (15%)
4. Super-strength - Hulk (11%)
5. Invisibility - Sue Storm, Fantastic 4 (8%)
6. Weather control - Storm (7%)
7. Flame-on - Human Torch, Fantastic Four (7%)
8. Super-senses - Daredevil (4%)
9. Web-slinging - Spiderman (3%)
10. Super-speed - Dash, The Incredibles (2%)

LOVEFiLM asked comic artist Jack Lawrence to design the ultimate superhero's outfit & he did, combining elements of Wolverine, Batman & (Watchmen's) Rorschach as seen below!
I round up my post with a Deadpool movie tidbit. You can watch the video below or I'll just spare your trouble: It's still in development. :)

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