Sunday, 21 August 2011

Xcavate: SDCC 2011's Marvel Video Games Panel

Well, first I thought my next post would be a wrap-up of the entire SDCC 2011 but then the video games news was SO MUCH that i just HAD to create a new post for it! The main games discussed that I'm gonna highlight are X-Men Destiny, Marvel Universe Online (MMO), Marvel Pinball 2 & Super Hero Squad Online, well, cos they got the X-Men of course!

X-Men Destiny
*There are costumes that you can use that inspire their looks from Quicksilver, Cyclops, Emma Frost, Iceman, Toad (?!), Caliban amongst others.
*Surge, Pixie, Forge & Northstar are in the game as well.
*Jean Grey is dead in the game & not all the X-Man will survive.
The latest cover released for the game >
For the rest of the XMD info read this, this & this.

Check out this new "Powers Vignette" trailer released for XMD.

Excited?? Pre-order X-Men Destiny from right here for the PS3/Xbox 360 & get an early unlock of Emma Frost Suits for your 3 main characters:

Marvel Universe Online
*Will be a free online game to play! :D And it's multiplayer!
*Good news is you play as the heroes themselves! Deadpool has been announced (see the pic below) as one of the playable characters. I'm sure Wolverine's a given too. :P
*Releases next year :( So far only PC has been announced, other platforms, if any, are TBA.
*Gazillion has been working with Marvel for at least a year to develop the game.
*Expect Marvel environments & adventures based on past stories!
*Brian Michael Bendis (Ultimate X-Men amongst others) is penning the story with Gazillion's Lead Story Designer, Andy Collins, & it's got a lot more story than the usual MMOs.
*Jeff Lind, Studio Director of Secret Identity Studios at Gazillion said that "people who have come to the Marvel characters through different ways will recognize something in the game-people who have only seen the Iron Man movie will see something, hardcore fans will see something." It will incorporate elements from the comics, movies, games & animated series.
*You can create your own continuity in the game.
*Dr. Doom is the main villain in the game.

Marvel Pinball: Vengeance & Virtue
*This game is gonna have tables for Wolverine, Spiderman, Iron Man, Fantastic Four, Ghost Rider, Captain America & Blade (so far).
*Download & play the game in winter 2012, on iOS & Android devices, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo 3DS, WiiU & PC!

X-Men Arcade now comes to your iOS & Android device! Marvel Kapow is out for the iPhone!
Super Hero Squad: Infinity Gauntlet will release for the Nintendo 3DS.

Super Hero Squad Online
*It's absolutely free to play at!
*New four-play cooperative combat
*Combat feature is based on a new free in built card game that contains 600 original pieces of art!

Super Hero Squad: Comic Combat
*You use THQ's uDraw tablet to create the look, scenes & story & also draw original art!
*Check out the trailer below!

*Releases in November 2011 for the PS3, XBox & Wii, but you can pre-order the game out here!

And that's the SDCC X-game news low-down. Don't forget to check out the updates from the other Marvel/X-Men SDCC 2011 panels! And yes, SDCC wrap-up post IS next! :)

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