Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Xcavate: SDCC 2011's Hasbro: Marvel Panel

OKAY OKAY! So the wrap up post was to be up next but then I figured- hey, this is gonna be my first time posting about X-toys so why not commemorate that with it's own post?! Loads of Marvel toys are being released in the coming months to next year, but I'm only discussing the X-toys :) Though this is supposed to be an SDCC Hasbro-Marvel Panel post, I'll be posting the X-toys that are in the offing from other toy companies which are definitely worth a look...

Marvel Universe:
^#1 & 2- Astonishing Beast (#1 has inset of the back of the costume too. #3-5 - Scarlet Witch
^#1- Astonishing Wolverine (with Kraven) & 1st appearance Wolverine in the background.
#2- Marvel Universe X-Force (here showing Deadpool, Wolverine & Warpath) with Fantastic 4 & Thor
#3- Magneto with Thor & Spiderman, #4- Iceman with (Thor's alien ally) Beta Ray Bill & Storm behind

^#1 A better look at Storm, #2- Magneto with glimpses of Cyclops & Psylocke, #3- The towering Sentinel

Marvel Legends:
< Hope Summers

Daken is also gonna be released in this line but I wasn't able to get a pic of his toy.

Marvel Greatest Battles:
^#1 & 2- Mister Sinister & Gambit, #3- Wonder Man & Quicksilver, #4- Captain America & Wolverine, #5- Wolverine & Silver Samurai

Now onto the other X-toy release news! (This was not part of the SDCC '11 Hasbro-Marvel Panel)

Gentle Giant
^ #1- Hawkeye & Deadpool, #2- Deadpool on scooter, #3- Black Widow & Wolverine, #4- Deadpool Corps (Deadpool, Squirrelpool, Lady Deadpool), #5- Squirrelpool.

^ Tonner's Dark Phoenix & Scarlet Witch

That's all for now folks! The wrap up post IS coming next. Promise! :) Oh! And all the exhibition pics are straight from SDCC '11 itself from MarvelousNews!

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