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Xcavate: SDCC 2011's Activision Panel for X-Men Destiny

Today we talk about what went down at the Activision SDCC 2011 Panel! The agenda for the panel was to talk about their Spider-Man: Edge of Time & X-Men Destiny games. Of course, I'll be talking about the latter. If you have just arrived at my blog & dunno what on earth is X-Men Destiny you can read this, this & check out the SDCC 2011 "Choice" trailer here...
^Grant Alexander in action! Many more X-Men Destiny character wallpapers in this post!

Stan "The Man" Lee was present for a while to give his views on how the games are unleashing his beloved characters onto the fans in new, interesting & innovative ways. With him (to talk about X-Men Destiny), were Project Director of Silicon Knights, Jullian Spillane, Marvel VP of Games, TQ Jeffereson & GameSpot's Ricardo Torres. And to give their 2 cents were Jamie Chung (voicing Aimi) & Scott Porter (as Adrian- pictured above with Marvel correspondent Janna O'Shea). Milo Ventimiglia (Grant) couldn't make it.
^(l-r) Jamie Chung, Scott Porter & Jullian Spillane at the panel

The following are the main points discussed about the game:
*As you saw in the Choice trailer, the game revolves around the choices you make & allows you to join the X-Men (& be guided by Cyclops) or the Brotherhood (with Nightcrawler as your guide). You can change your choice during the game as well!
^Aimi Yoshida kicking ass! Spot some familiar faces in these wallpapers! Last pic is of the Havok suits for the 3 playable characters.

*According to Lee, the best part about the game is that "you get to choose if you want to be a good guy or a bad guy." (He was SO impressed with the game, that he stated "EAT YOUR HEART OUT BATMAN"! LOL)

*You get to pick your character & core powers. Then choose your mentors & combine their powers with yours. You can also mix & match powers. Throughout the game you unlock new powers. X-genes- mutant drugs that help augment your abilities, offensive, defensive & utility- also make the game more interesting!
^Adrian Luca does his thing in XMD!

*X-Men & X-Men: Legacy scribe Mike Carey worked with Spillane & his team to figure out the roster & continuity. They didn't just want to use top level characters but rather characters like Pixie, that "were representative of the world at that time."

X-Men Destiny is destined for a Sept 27 release this year. Catch ALL the panel details via this liveblog- especially if you want the low-down on the Spider-Man: Edge of Time game with soundbites from the cast & crew of both games! Talking about the cast, watch the videos below for some Behind The Scenes action with Jamie, Milo & Scott!

Hope you enjoyed the wallpapers & vids in this post! I know I've been a weeee bit sparse with my posts these days, but don't worry- you'll be getting more regular news from now on! :D

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