Friday, 15 July 2011

Xstatic! X-Men First Class crosses $200 mil overseas!

Once again, I'm here with my X-Men First Class Box Office stats! In the July 8-10 weekend, the film dropped two places to No. 13 in the Top 20 from the previous weekend's 11. But not to fret, it's still raking in the moolah!

This is the current US BO scenario:
1. Transformers: Dark of the Moon $47,103,276
2. Horrible Bosses $28,302,165
3. Zookeeper $20,065,617
4. Cars 2 $15,212,015
5. Bad Teacher $8,914,412
6. Larry Crowne $5,936,405
7. Super 8 $4,838,205
8. Monte Carlo $3,800,604
9. Mr. Popper's Penguins $3,154,435
10. Green Lantern $3,147,225
11. Midnight in Paris $2,634,785
12. Bridesmaids $2,628,285
13. X-Men: First Class $1,473,384
Green Lantern has also fallen 2 places to No. 10 this week...

And yes! As I stated in the title XFC has indeed crossed the $200 mil mark overseas!! As of Monday Box Office Mojo showed an estimate total foreign gross of $200,300,000. But that number has since climbed (as you would've seen by clicking the link)...
xmen first class wallpaper

So let's round up the stats (as of July 12) real quick for X-Men First Class:
*Total Domestic Gross= $142,497,960
*Total Foreign Gross= $200,975,111
*Total Worldwide Gross= $343,473,071
*The Top 10 countries that contributed to the 200+ mil (the end-dates may vary) are:
1. UK $23,579,438
2. France $19,537,368
3. South Korea $17,428,135
4. Brazil $15,259,069
5. Australia $14,816,300
6. Mexico $13,462,891
7. Russia CIS $9,383,290
8. Spain $8,316,215
9. Japan $7,791,919
10. Germany $6,935,164
My country (India) has managed to garner $2,234,889 for the film BUT this is only the figure upto June 12! So booo Box Office Mojo LOL!

Now that X-Men First Class is no more setting the BO on fire (in the US at least :P), I thought it was time for a change in how you are welcomed by All Things X! :D Hence the new title pic & theme! The title picture is a manip I did of the cover art for X-Men #200. This particular cover was the David Finch Gatefold variant for that issue. Awesome one right?? Download the original HQ image for the cover art below:
xmen #200 cover art variant

Rogue flying in the background is only fitting due to the fact that she's the leader of the X-Men in #200! This AWESOME visual of Rogue comes to us from talented photographer Jay Tablante's shot of Filipina actress Rhian Ramos as Rogue! Below is the OG shot...
rogue cosplay of rhian ramos by jay tablante

But wait! Here's a special treat for all you readers of mine out there- especially the die-hard Rogue fans! You can download a wallpaper (1280x1024) of the blog background! :D
xmen rogue wallpaper

Hope you guys dig all the changes! Wanna watch XFC in HD anytime you want at home?? Pre-order your Blu-ray &/or DVD today!

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