Friday, 22 July 2011

Xstatic! The Wolverine Movie Villain Revealed!

Didn't I tell ya to brace yerselves for some major movie updates now via the SDCC 2011?!? Here's the first (of hopefully many more to come!) tidbit of info for all you Wolverine fans out there!

SILVER SAMURAI has been confirmed as the villain for The Wolverine!!! Great to know that writer Chris McQuarrie decided to go the traditional route with the whole Japanese storyline! In those comics, Logan goes to Japan to learn the ways of the Samurai. The Silver Samurai (aka Kenuichio Harada) & Wolverine's rivalry is one of the most well-known ones in the Marvel Comics Universe. Harada is the step brother of Logan’s lover Mariko Yashida & he has a MAJOR problem with their relationship! Wolverine trains under Kenuichio & Mariko’s father Shingen and eventually joins Shingen’s Clan Yashida. Expect some MAJOR drama LOL!

The main question now is who will be playing Kenuichio Harada in the movie! However, with SDCC carrying on till Sunday, it's a good chance that may be revealed too...Another issue will be about how they will make the Silver Samurai look in the movie. You guys know how they change the look of comics characters, to fit well into a movie without looking tacky, but I do hope they manage to do so without making any drastic changes! That silver costume on the silver screen would be sweet! Check out the covers below that feature Wolverine dueling the Silver Samurai!

Cover 1- Wolverine Vol. 2 #2
Cover 2- Wolverine: Origins #43

I hope you guys remember, I was just hoping that this would happen! So far this movie seems to be going on the right track- but let's not get our hopes too high, we all know how X-Men Origins: Wolverine made all our dreams come crashing down LOL! Thanks to ScreenRant for the villainous update! :)

Now check out this cool video of Hugh Jackman at the SDCC 2011 spilling the beans on The Wolverine movie! It conveniently starts off after Hugh has finished his Real Steel movie (for which he was actually at the Con in the first place LOL) talk...Thanks to ComicBookMovie's Mark Julian for posting it!

These are the main points discussed in the video:
*Production IS gonna start in October.
*Hugh had read the Japan storyline comics while he was doing X1 & thought at the time "Why can't we do this one?!"
*Outdoor shooting will be done in Japan with studio filming done in North America.
*(Hesitatingly :P) confirmed that even though the X-Men do feature in the Japanese storyline, "not a lot of" the X-characters in the original X-Men trilogy will feature...I wonder if that means that some will or it's just Hugh being scared of disappointing the fans of the OG X-trilogy! :P
^Hugh Jackman makes his surprise visit at the San Diego Comic Con 2011

Also rumors are that the name of the movie may not continue to be The Wolverine. This is the general thought due to the fact that this particular name hasn't been mentioned by any of that movie's cast/crew (if you notice, Jackman hasn't either) ever since Darren's departure...So from now on this blog shall address The Wolverine movie as Wolverine 2! :P

Another (sad) rumor is that Kelly Hu has reportedly said that she WON'T be appearing in Wolverine 2 as Lady Deathstrike! T_T However, take this with a HUGE pinch of salt though, cos I've tried to find the article online where she does "declare" this but haven't been able to get it yet! Keep yer hopes up Deathstrike fans!

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