Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Xpose! All the X-Men First Class concept art in one JUMBO post!

Now this concept art has been released quite some time back, but I thought I'd just offer em up to you'll once ALL come out! I've seen how much you guys love your wallpapers & downloadable HQ images! :D The art below is posted character-wise & grouped according to the artist. The characters are in order of the number of concept artworks released for them, & I'll finish it off with the various set/environment concepts. You'll can click on the artists' names to go to their sites/blogs & check out their other amazing work. You know I did! :P
[UPDATE (13/7):You'll now find another new image for Frost & the first concept for Banshee below!
UPDATE (18/9):New COOL concepts for Havok & Banshee!
UPDATE (26/9): A whopping 26 new environment/set design concepts!!]

Ironically though she & Darwin didn't have very prominent roles in the movie the concept artworks released for them is quite a lot! Probably because visually, their powers were pretty tricky to execute for a movie...But a great job done!

These first 2 images are from Jerad S. Marantz:

This next group is from Howard Swindell. The last pic is a bit too "pixie fairy" for a cool superhero flick like X-Men First Class, dontchya think?

And finally, some more detailed wing designs & a concept for the acidic spit projectile from Hao Wu:

I especially loved Darwin's powers- they translated them so well on the silver screen! Wish there was more of him in the film! Hope they bring him back for the sequel :(
The following concepts have all been created by Howard Swindell. The last pic looks A LOT like the comics Darwin...

Once again loads of artwork from Mr. Swindell. Pretty cool stuff. It actually resembles X3's Beast a lot!

Lastly here are two concepts by Jerad S. Marantz. Personally I don't like these two so much- they don't look very much part of the current Marvel Cinematic Universe...

You KNOW that you only read this post cos you were waiting for this part! ;P
Here's two concepts from Hao Wu which I posted before when I was talking about the VFX for XFC:

And below, the first is from Jerad S. Marantz but I still dunno who did the second one. It was released by Marvel without any credit to the artist :( If anyone does know who did it, do let me know...

UPDATE (13/7): This just in- a new concept for Emma Frost, which imo doesn't seem to fit well with the whole 60's X-Men theme! Dunno who's the artist who created it either... It's the work of Alex Mandra from the Aaron Sims Company design studio.

Not much concepts seen for poor Havok & Azazel. Here's the only two designs (by Hao Wu) for Havok I managed to find:
Interesting thing to note out here is that Hao knows his comic book characters- as I mentioned here, the comics Havok's plasma beams are blue in color!

UPDATE (17/7): I got another concept for Havok via Hao Wu's site. It's concepts of the plasma beams:

UPDATE (18/9): Here's the AWESOME Havok concepts courtesy Alex Mandra :

This rounds up the character designs. Below are the two designs for this red devil by Mr. Marantz. Imo, the first is wicked! But the second is a bit much- like some creature from LOTR or World of Warcraft lol!

UPDATE (13/7): Banshee fans can now rejoice (although imho, not TOO much)! A (uncredited) concept image for the sonic screamer has been released, but I'm not digging this either...UPDATE (18/9): The 2nd image is a newer release. Both are the creations of Alex Mandra but I really love the 2nd one much more!

Below are some killer designs by Jamie Rama:
And here are some set design concepts that were released by Marvel (once again, with no artist credit!).

UPDATE (26/9): And now get a load of these 26 AMAZING concept artworks all courtesy James Carson!
If any more artworks do get released, I'll be definitely updating this post! I'd personally like to see their Mystique concepts & more for Emma Frost!

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  1. Cool blog you have. Thanks for the heads up about Alex Mandra. I'm pretty sure those three unidentified images are from Jamie Rama too since they match his style. I'll check and get back to you. Definitely following.


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