Sunday, 10 July 2011

Xhibit: Avengers Poster made by me! :D

Ah! I'm FINALLY done with giving the finishing touches to this first Avengers poster (out of the two which I've been working on) today! And for those of you wondering- Hey! This is supposed to be 'All Things X' & not 'All Things Marvel' or something like that, then FYI, few X-Men characters have been a part of the Avengers at some point of time (Beast & two of Magneto's kids- Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch). Ohh...who am I kidding?! I just wanted to get some views on how you'll like the poster I made! And furthermore, don't mind me posting any of my non-X-Men artwork creations, as I'd really like to know what I'm doing right & what I could do better...So I WILL be posting the other Avengers poster too! :P

So after starting somewhere in mid-June (delayed due to a REALLY hectic schedule) it's complete at last! Check it out below...Would love your rants & raves, things you liked about it & things I could improve on...

Funny thing is the other Avengers poster I was working on was to be the first! But then while I was explaining my friend Sheetal (yes this same one- I told you she was well aware for my fanaticism for all things X-Men & CBM lol!) about the Avengers & the foes they've fought (I mainly was rambling on about the Skrulls & Thanos cos they are two villains rumored to appear in the movie), I happened to chance upon this cool Infinity Gauntlet comic book cover (I hadn't seen this EPIC cover before then) that features all the characters & Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet! Immediately I got inspired & decided I was going to start work on a poster that would emulate this rad cover (well, at least in a way a "movie" poster would).
Infinity Gauntlet comic book
^The comic book cover that started it all!

The awesome Infinity Gauntlet is an image clicked at the SDCC 2010 by a photographer named M. V. Partsch.

I got the epic Thanos image from Rodrigue Pralier's blog! An amazing 3D model of Thanos done by Rodrigue (who works as Principal Artist at Bioware Montreal on Mass Effect 3)!

Can you guys guess which movie's poster I used to create Hawkeye's costume? And what about for the Maria Hill? Lastly from which movie did I steal a still pic for the background to the Agent Coulson image?
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