Friday, 22 July 2011

Xcursus: So what IS the SDCC exactly?

I mentioned the San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) in this post last & thought it would be only fitting to now enlighten those who may not know about it, while it's currently underway (July 21-24)! So yes, this is an "excursus"/digression from our usual X-topics! :P What is the SDCC? Read on to find out...
^The SDCC- Keeping their best brow upward! :P

Started in 1970 by Shel Dorf & a group of San Diegans, it's a 4 day event (Thursday-Sunday) held during the summer in San Diego, CA, at the San Diego Convention Center. Originally it was meant to showcase only comic books, sci-fi/fantasy & film/TV & related arts, but now it encompasses the entire gamut of pop culture elements: horror, animation, anime, manga, toys, collectible cards, video games, web comics & fantasy novels! It's the largest convention in the Americas & 4th largest in the world! Last year's SDCC saw the San Diego Convention Center pack over 130,000 attendees!

So why's all this so exciting?? Here's why!
*Movie studios, TV networks, comic book companies, toy manufacturers, collectibles merchants, etc., all descend with their booths on the 615,701 square feet of floor space that the SD Convention Center provides to the exhibitors.
*Panels, seminars & workshops are held by comic book pros
*Previews (read: trailers & posters!!) of upcoming movies, video games & toys
*Awards ceremonies
*The Masquerade- a costume contest that boasts of some great & not so great cosplayers (costume players)
*The Artists' Alley- where comic artists (may include writers & models) sign autographs & giveaway/sell their artwork.

Yes, all comic conventions are known for their cosplay, & the SDCC is no different! Check out various cosplayers from 2010 (not necessarily from SDCC)...

You get some brilliant ones like these...
cosplay yaya han as psylocke cosplay bienna brock as emma frost cosplay deadpool
^(l-r) Renowned cosplayer Yaya Han as Psylocke at SDCC '10, Brieanna Brock as Emma Frost, Deadpool cosplayer (yeah, the shoes are funny with the costume- but then again with Deadpool, ANYTHING is expected! LOL)

And then some, well, not-so-brilliant ones... :P
worst cosplay scarlet witch and vision worst xmen cosplay worst xmen cosplay cyclops
^pic 1- Scarlet Witch & The Avengers' Vision
pic 2- (l-r) Gambit, Phoenix, Wolverine, Rogue
pic 3- Uhhh...Cyclops?!?

Of course you also get cosplayers dressing up as their fave anime & movie (especially Star Wars!) characters but this blog ain't called All Things X for nothing, eh? ;P

Bottomline: Just expect a whole barrage of news on all your favorite upcoming movies, comics, TV shows, games & toys! Get a taste of what the SDCC 2011 will offer on IGN...Read this to find out all the X-happenings at the SDCC 2011!

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