Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Xcavate: X-Men First Class Blu-ray to Release on Sept 9!

The official date is finally out for the release of the X-Men First Class Blu-ray & DVD: Sept 9! The wait is gonna be long but it should be totally worth it!

The home release will include the following amongst other extra features:
*10 X-Men Digital comics (including a never-before-seen backstory comic)

*The Cerebro Mutant Tracker- an interactive video database of all the mutants from the X-films (IGN should be squealing in glee about right now! :P)

*The Blu-ray will be released in two editions: One with a Professor X cover & the other of Magneto! Check out both below!
I'm most DEFINITELY digging the Magneto cover for this!!! :D

Here's the video announcing the movie's Blu-ray & DVD release:

Reports had come in quite a while ago that the DVD would contain 13 deleted scenes that were shot for the movie but never made it to cinematic glory. Altogether they apparently run for just 14 mins & should mainly include scenes involving Moira MacTaggert as well as those that deal with her relationship with Prof X in more detail. But I guess we should be expecting that in too? Cos the X3 DVD did come with deleted scenes/alternate endings...There's certainly no point of including any Behind The Scenes/Making Of footage cos it's all been released already! (If you haven't seen it yet, I'll post it for ya!

And now for the news that sucks (well mostly for ME of course! grrr) & also the reason why I didn't put this post in an "Xstatic" segment! To promote the release of the Blu-Ray & DVD, the first 1000 fans who pre-order the X-Men First Class Blu-ray/DVD during the San Diego Comic-Con (I do hope you guys are aware of the SDCC- this year it's happening from July 21–24) gets a free t-shirt to show their support for either Team Charles or Team Erik! Check out the t-shirts below:

Can't wait?? Pre-order your Blu-ray &/or DVD today!

As you may have noticed the t-shirts are available in yellow on black (like the Erik one) & black on yellow (like the Prof X one). I personally LOVE the yellow on black & I ABSOLUTELY love the Magneto print! Team Magneto FTW! :D I do love the quotes on both of them though-"Peace was NEVER an option" (predictable :P) & "How's that for a MAGIC TRICK?"...Nicely done- I just wish I could get my hands on one! T_T LOL

(Thanks to CraveOnline for the heads-up!)

UPDATE (22/7): Check the AWESOME DVD cover art! Nothing beats the Blu-ray Team Erik cover but then at least I would think of purchasing the Prof X DVD now! It looks just as cool as the Erik one! But oh well, the Fass is now become one of my favorite actors so I'd still choose the Team Erik DVD!
^I wish Mystique was the one standing behind Charles. Sucks that she's made smaller to make way for Havok! Guess they were trying to make up for the way they had pushed Alex waaaaaaaay at the back like some extra in the movie's posters!

Now that I FINALLY have downloaded Take That's song "Love Love" that was used by (fellow Brit) director Matthew Vaughn as part of the XFC soundtrack (weird it doesn't feature in the OST that was released & is yet the first song to play once the credits roll!) it's my current fave song! Check out the video in my XFC Soundtrack review post! Now you can download &/or buy the CD of this EPIC Soundtrack right here:

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