Sunday, 24 July 2011

Xcavate: SDCC 2011's Marvel: Year of the X-Men (Comics news!)

So as I said out here, the Year of the X-Men panel held by Marvel at the SDCC 2011 discussed future X-Men title issues that will be coming your way this 2011-12! Check out the exciting cover artworks below:
^(l-r) X-Men Legacy #257 (prominently featuring Havok), X-Men #19, X-23 #15, Deadpool

^(l-r) Daken #16 (Daken is Wolverine's offspring btw), Deadpool Max #13, Uncanny X-Force #16, Astonishing X-Men #43 (And...yes, I know ;P)
< Loads of artwork has been released for X-Factor too! Just a sampling of it out here. The sketch is of Jamie Madrox (aka Multiple Man) I'm finding the (Bishop) "M" markings very intriguing indeed!

Cover for a new series (curiously called Wolverine & the X-Men) has also been released.>
Does this mean we just might be getting a second Season for the Wolverine & the X-Men animated series?? I do hope so!

And as I said before, in X-Men: Schism (look out for an article on this Marvel X-comics-event soon), the X-Men are currently divided into 2 camps: Team Wolverine & Team Cyclops. Have a look at some new Schism comic panels that were revealed at the SDCC:
^Now isn't that first panel just bloody AWESOME?!?

Schism will be followed by X-Men: Regenisis. What will happen to the X-Men after this great divide? Only reading the issues will reveal all the answers!
< New artwork for Regensis #1. For the cover art, head to this post

I haven't included all the images released (especially sketches)- check all the X-artwork that was released at the source- CosmicBookNews!

Next Stop?? The Marvel Anime Panel at the SDCC 2011!

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