Thursday, 7 July 2011

So- who'd win in a catfight? Catwoman or Mystique??

Well apparently it's Mystique hands down! (Like you ACTUALLY had to read my post for the answer?! LOL)

X-Men First Class' Mystique, Jennifer Lawrence, has been named the Top Actress Under 30 of the past year in LOVEFiLM's annual list! At just 20 years of age, she happens to be the second youngest actress on the list. But is it any surprise really?

Jennifer already wowed audiences with her performance in 2010's Winter's Bone, which also helped her garner an Oscar Nomination for Best Actress! This automatically has taken her to the top & with her emotion-packed performance in X-Men First Class (where she could have easily got lost or overshadowed) she's only added another feather to her cap. She'll be seen next in 2012's House at the End of the Street but apparently more intensely awaited is her movie coming after that The Hunger Games based on the sci-fi novel by Suzanne Collins.

Jennifer Lawrence hot
^Jennifer Lawrence, & as Mystique in XFC & Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games

2012's The Dark Knight Rises' Catwoman, Anne Hathaway, however, should not be underestimated. Currently she's at the No. 2 spot, climbing 17 places up from 2010's list...I personally think she's gonna do great as Selina Kyle (well perhaps not as great as my fave silver screen Catwoman Michelle Pfeiffer, but at least better than Halle Berry's ANY DAY! LOL). And definitely after she'll be seen in TDKR, she may just top the list! She's a brilliant actress- The Devil Wears Prada is my fave Hathaway movie till date!

Anne Hathaway funny
^Booo! You at no. 2! :P Jk guys! No offense to all Hathaway fans out there! :)

And these are the Top 10 Actresses Under 30:
1. Jennifer Lawrence, 20 (New)
2. Anne Hathaway, 29 (2010 rank 19) +17 places
3. Mia Wasikowska, 20 (2010 rank 3) Static
4. Kirsten Stewart, 21 (2010 rank 1) -3 places
5. Carey Mulligan, 24 (2010 rank 4) -1 place
6. Emily Blunt, 28 (2010 rank 6) Static
7. Kirsten Dunst, 29 (2010 rank 17) +10 places
8. Freida Pinto, 26 (2010 rank 10) +2 places
9. Chloe Moretz, 14 (New)
10. Mila Kunis, 27 (Re-entry)

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  1. Mystique would tear her apart. She held her own against Wolverine. Wolverine!


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