Monday, 20 June 2011

Xtreme: X-Men Evolutions Variant Covers' Artwork

Okay so I have to admit- for hardcore X-fans, this will be old news. And I hadn't actually thought of putting this as my first post for comic book artwork...But I've seen quite a few people on this Facebook X-Men group talk about & gawk at these (nothing but awesome) variant covers that have been done just in time for the X-Men: First To Last (May) storyline. Christopher Yost returns to the X-Men with artists Paco Medina and Dalibor Talijic.

According to Marvel, the series will make you "discover the staggering consequences when Xavier’s first class arrives in the future to tackle their greatest foe yet! The next shocking X-Men arc starts right here and, when it’s all over, a major new figure will tower over the team’s past and their undecided future."

That's right! It goes right back to the First Class...Convenient huh? With the First Class movie out et all? The following "X-Men Evolutions" variant covers were released in mid-May & are brilliant pieces of artwork (very wallpaper-worthy). So I am posting all 13 pics that were released, out here...Each as been done by a different artist but all are equally EPIC! As always, click to enlarge the pics!

XMen Evolutions Angel

XMen Evolutions Beast

XMen Evolutions Cyclops

XMen Evolutions Emma Frost

XMen Evolutions Havok

XMen Evolutions Hope Summers

XMen Evolutions Iceman

XMen Evolutions Jean Grey

XMen Evolutions Magneto

XMen Evolutions Rogue

XMen Evolutions Sabretooth

XMen Evolutions Storm

XMen Evolutions Wolverine

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