Thursday, 23 June 2011

Xtreme: Marvel Wallpaper releases for June!

Marvel's given their fans another slew of their incredible wallpapers! Official Marvel wallpapers are always of the covers of comic books they release in that particular month & this June, we get loads of amazing cover art in all their high res glory!

You got Red Hulk, (green) Hulk, quite a few Spider-man ones (the Spider-man #666 cover is particularly awesome!), Captain America (another rad one!), Thor, Black Panther & Spider-Girl amongst others.

So where do the X-Men figure into all of this? Well fear not X-fans! We got some new X-wallpapers too! Magneto, Deadpool & a couple of Wolverine ones thrown in for good measure! Plus a new wallpaper from the ongoing X-Men Legacy storyline...I've put the previews for all the X-Men ones below & download all the wallpapers out here! Enjoy!

Now you know where the idea for that red helmet & attire for Magneto came from in X-Men First Class dontchya? It's Mags' costume colors in the comics!

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