Thursday, 9 June 2011

Xtraordinary! X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)

This concludes the Xtraordinary series run wherein I rewinded back the X-Men movies & posted my fave scenes from all of em...Just finished rewatching X-Men Origins: Wolverine & while X3 had many great CG scenes, however ineffective they may have been in the whole scheme of things, I just didn't really find a scene in X-Men Origins: Wolverine that REALLY excited me!

Probably because the story itself is so mutated- the Origins have been changed A LOT compared to what they were in the comics & characters have been thrown in just to keep the fans happy (when in fact, it resulted in quite the opposite)!

Anyways it's not like the movie didn't have it's moments AT ALL...They were some great scenes. My personal faves? Well the first HAS to be Wolverine taking on the helicopter! Cool scene! And the second fave is Deadpool showing what he can do with a katana for the first time in the movie!

Once again the fans' uproar against this movie probably led to the fact that there are no "fave scenes" vids on Youtube. So this time also I give you the "Legends" trailer of the movie from itself which contains snippets of both the scenes I was talking about before...

Right now I'm just glad that X-Men: First Class has managed to rejuvenate (as I hear & have read) the X-Men series on the silver screen...It's FINALLY releasing tomorrow in India (though they did have paid previews today itself that I was unaware of!! Arrrrrgh). So goes without saying I'll be watching it tomorrow itself :P! Expect a full (spoiler-free) review in the days to come after that...

Looking forward to see what comes next- X-Men: X-Grads or X4! And it better have Mr. Vaughn at the helm & Singer as producer! :D

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